Bishop Design shares styling tips to lift the look of your home

Nothing beats the feeling of exploring somewhere new, especially when it comes to hospitality. There is a sense of discovery that comes with these encounters. Unexpected elements and unique sensations around every corner, where all the discreet details seem meticulously and perfectly placed as if just for you to enjoy. It is exciting, surprising, and delightful every time. So, why not re-create that same feeling in your own residence?  

Hospitality design is at the forefront of design trends, focusing on creating unforgettable experiences and lasting impressions. It is the perfect sector from which to take inspiration when designing your home.   

Just because you see something used in a commercial sense does not mean it will not work in a residential interior. You can achieve all the above while bringing in your own personality and character, turning a once-in-a-lifetime moment into something that is truly yours.   

Start by putting together a narrative. This will usually contain a description of the use of the space, the feeling it should evoke, its dynamic, and any aesthetic inspiration and direction. It ensures the cohesion of the design and gives you a base to follow as you evolve the interior.   

Hospitality designers in particular aim to create jaw-dropping and immersive spaces and are unafraid to use bold colors or high contrasts.    

Artful interiors 

Art is treated with the utmost importance in hospitality scenarios, and it should be no different in residential interiors. Whether they are high-value artworks or simply pieces that have personal meaning to you, with the right approach, any art can be elevated to bring a gallery-like sensation. If you are an avid traveler, you can incorporate elements that remind you of sentimental memories (throughout your space). Become a curator in your own home and try various placements and combinations to achieve the desired effect. Go against the norm and have fun with it! This is a great approach to bring life to an area.   

An easy way to transform a simple piece into a gallery-level display is through light. There are myriad options you can consider, from ceiling mounted spotlights or picture lights to glowing backlights. With the proper illumination, your artwork is guaranteed to capture everyone’s attention.   

Light up your life 

Lighting in general plays a huge role in interior design, and your home is no exception. You can choose all the right materials and furniture, but if they are not properly lit, the space may not look how you imagined it. The warmth, luminosity, and location all play a very crucial role in the proper light setting. To follow a rule of thumb, the cozier and more intimate the space, the warmer the light, and we recommend warm white between 2300 and 2700 Kelvin. Dimmable light sources are a brilliant way of controlling intensity and adjusting the mood as needed. They have become an industry-standard in all hospitality interiors and homes as well. For better flexibility, do not limit yourself to one-dimensional lighting. Place various diverse sources throughout your space to create an exciting journey. Whether it’s lamps, pendants or candles, a mix will take your home design to the next level. If you could only choose one way to enhance your home, let it be lighting. It is 90 percent of what we do in an interior.   

Bring the outside in

We are noticing a deeper longing for connection to nature. As homeowners, you can bring the outside in using plants and natural materials, adding texture and realness to your space. You can also use plants to form partitions in larger properties or to differentiate areas in open plan living spaces.  

Feature focus  

Another thing you should consider is focal points. What is the first thing you see when you get home? How does it make you feel? Whether it’s an artwork, photograph, or lighting feature, consider the layout of your space to evoke positive emotions.   

Just add water  

Bathrooms were once considered an afterthought but now they are part of the main show! Much like interior design in general, bathrooms should be timeless. We are seeing a movement towards maximalism in bathrooms when it comes to hospitality design and depending on your taste, there is no reason these should not work equally as well in residential interiors. Choose a bold color then use a combination of tile styles in shifting tones.  

All the above considerations are helpful, and they are elements that you can keep evolving with time. In summary, homeowners can take inspiration from other sectors of design to shape their own spaces, bringing ideas from commercial and hospitality sectors to elevate unique, fun, and comfortable living areas. But all of this can be quite overwhelming, and it can be difficult to know where to start. Working with a designer can help merge all these ideas into a cohesive design that looks amazing while adhering to functional needs. 

For a list of the sources used in this article, please contact the editor.  

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