Mayor’s simple solution for restaurant businesses will have positive impact on wider residential community

In a bid to streamline food waste disposal, NYC Mayor has mandated for new storage bins to improve real estate in restaurant areas

Although we can appreciate the little critters, rodents are not particular drivers for tourism in any city. BrownstoneBin’s state-of-the-art trash storage containers will provide restaurants with the perfect solution to Mayor Adams’ June announcement mandating that all New York City food-related businesses put their food waste and trash in secure containers. 

With its innovative rat-proof and lockable construction, BrownstoneBin’s features will meet these new mandates and become a valuable asset to restaurant owners across New York City, and the wider residential community.

The new rule, effective July 30, 2023, requires that all restaurants, supermarkets and bodegas use containers for their food waste in an effort to combat New York City’s rat problem. “Today, we take giant steps towards the goal of clean streets by announcing new rules to containerize trash in our city that, once finalized, will cover 25 percent of businesses and result in 4 million dollars of trash getting disposed of in secure bins each day,” Adams said. 

BrownstoneBin’s innovative design offers convenience and ease of use for restaurant staff. The user-friendly upper lid will stay open in place, allowing for hands-free lid-support. The company employs a friction-hinge rather than the inferior gas struts used by some competitors’ bins. The struts can fail due to weather, or by being knocked out of place through normal use. Friction hinges are not affected by weather, and typically are life cycle-tested to 30,000 cycles or the equivalent of ten years of usage.

This BrownstoneBin feature not only ensures durability, but also streamlines waste disposal processes, saving valuable time for busy restaurant staff.

“We are excited to introduce the BrownstoneBin container to the restaurant industry,” said Josh Blackman, CEO of BrownstoneBin. “Our goal is to provide an effective and reliable solution that helps restaurants overcome the challenges associated with infestations.

“With our innovative design and advanced features, we are confident that BrownstoneBin will become the go-to choice for restaurants seeking an unparalleled rat-proof food-waste container,” he added