With customers at its core, PRIER Products provides pioneering solutions that last a lifetime

With over a century of experience, PRIER Products, Inc. is an industry-leading manufacturer of residential, commercial, and ground hydrants, as well as angle sill faucets, plumbing brass, drainage products, and specialty valves. PRIER has become well known for its commitment to reducing customers’ inconvenience by building plumbing products that make an impact and stand the test of time.

Anton Prier
Anton Prier

German emigrant, Anton Prier, started the business in 1881 with a foundry that created heavy-duty brass products in Kansas City, MO. Originally producing household goods, PRIER diversified to support the US military with specialty items and later found its niche in heavy brass plumbing parts. Over the years, innovative solutions like the hot and cold wall hydrant introduced in 2003 and the acquisition of Mansfield Plumbing Products’ brass division to further expand its line of residential hydrants, has propelled PRIER Products to the forefront of the plumbing industry.

Mission and vision

Today, PRIER’s products are synonymous with providing high quality, effective solutions. With an emphasis on listening to customers and identifying their needs, PRIER builds with purpose, with easy-to-install products. Having earned a reputation for quality and excellent customer service, PRIER’s products can be found at thousands of wholesale suppliers and retailers across the US and Canada.

PRIER has navigated market changes and disruptions over the last few years, from the Covid-19 pandemic to supply chain shortages. “The industry has changed a lot in recent years, especially with the rise of e-commerce, so a lot of brick-and-mortar stores had to reconsider how they operated,” he explains.

“We’ve experienced that shift, which has transformed into more of a marketplace with multiple brands rather than being simply a way for companies to display products online. One of the challenges associated with e-commerce is that it requires a lot of inventory, as you must ensure every item advertised online is available to ship.

“However, we’ve also seen a reinvigoration of the wholesale side of the business. In general, we’ve seen very good growth since the recession of 2008, and our commercial side is particularly thriving. To strengthen this growth, we’re relaunching PRIER in Canada, and with new housing constantly on the agenda, we’re sure to continue experiencing high commercial demand.”

Reflecting on this period, Matt says: “Through the changes and market challenges we’ve experienced, we remain laser focused on our mission statement to build with purpose, respect one another, and honor God in all we do. This statement has never wavered, and we’ve applied it to Stern-Williams and FIAT as we’ve integrated our operations. It guides everything we do; we talk about it every single day and our leadership team truly embodies its values.

“We always have our customers’ best interests at the forefront of our operations, and we’ve become known for our superior service. Our vision is to continuously provide quality products and services as part of our commitment to being a top-quality supplier for our customers and the wider plumbing industry. In terms of customer perks, we’ve adopted policies like shipping orders within eight working hours, removing minimum orders and return fees, and offering live customer support.”

Company synergiesCopper pipes

“PRIER has been a successful manufacturer for several decades, but in recent years we’ve expanded our offering by acquiring other companies,” begins Matt Lemke, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at PRIER. “In 2021, we purchased Stern-Williams, a specialist manufacturer of terrazzo service sinks, mop floors, shower towers and cabinets, and drinking fountains.

“In the midst of major supply chain disruption across the globe, we acquired FIAT Products in 2022, which is another manufacturer of mop basins, shower floors, and laundry tubs in both terrazzo and molded stone. We’re now a company made up of three businesses, which has enabled us to streamline many of our operations.

“We’ve had to learn the best practices for managing three companies along the way, but it has been successful overall,” Matt reflects. “The integration has also seen us consider purchases more carefully, as we now follow a smoother budget for each niche. PRIER was already a fast-growing company, so with FIAT and Stern-Williams also onboard, we’re confident in taking the business to new heights of success.

“We’ve integrated our marketing departments, for instance, as all three brands have synergies in the products they produce and how they market them. We’ve also combined our customer service teams and in terms of manufacturing efficiencies, there are some parts and components that are interchangeable between brands, especially Stern-Williams and FIAT. These brands can also internally purchase components, such as faucets for Stern-Williams’ drinking fountains.”


To stay ahead of the curve, PRIER is constantly innovating to find new methods or materials to solve unique problems and achieve optimal results. “Innovation is at the forefront of our operation, and there’s always a lot of internal buzz and excitement when we have new products on the horizon,” Matt explains. “Stern-Williams, for example, uses terrazzo, a form of polished concrete that’s extremely heavy, so we’re exploring different materials to reduce the weight. However, we must ensure that the new mixture can deliver the same quality and strength expected from terrazzo while being much lighter. If we can crack the formula, it could be a game-changer.”

As our conversation draws to a close, Matt discusses his career journey and reveals the most rewarding aspect of his current role at PRIER. “I’d say my biggest expertise lies in finding great people and guiding them in the right positions across the business,” he reflects. “While I coach and monitor people in their careers, I manage my team by trusting and giving them the space and resources to get on with what they’re really good at. It’s rewarding to see people I’ve worked with progress, especially when I’ve seen people experience milestones in life, like having children or retiring. In some cases, people progress outside of PRIER for several reasons, and it’s rewarding to see the successes of those individuals too. A few years ago, for example, I saw someone I hired as an entry analyst on the cover of a magazine for winning a huge award in the retail space.”

Turning to his ambitions for PRIER in 2024 and beyond, Matt says: “The ways in which we operate provide a solid foundation for the future; our team works extremely hard to ensure we deliver on our promises and commitments. In terms of revenue, the demand for housing isn’t going anywhere, and those new homes will need our products. Overall, our mission statement will stay the same, and we’ll continue to maintain our position as a top supplier in the industry by providing innovative products and solving problems for our customers,” he concludes.