From rehabbing projects to high-end custom homes, discover Cole Construction’s success story 

Celebrating 15 years of excellence, Cole Construction (Cole) has emerged as one of Chattanooga, Tennessee’s fastest-growing luxury homebuilders. Established in 2008, the company has garnered a stellar reputation for crafting high-end custom homes. With an unwavering commitment to quality and a keen eye for detail, Cole has mastered the art of creating luxurious living spaces that exceed expectations. Beyond its exceptional craftsmanship, the company takes pride in its strong community involvement and philanthropic endeavors. Through its charitable work, Cole has become a driving force in making a positive impact on the local community. Marisa Johnson, Office Manager, fills us in on the latest developments taking place within the company. 

“In the past few years, we have experienced tremendous growth by hiring additional project managers, in-house architects, a sales team, and interior designers. We have doubled in size, and we anticipate doubling again by this time next year. It has been exciting to witness this growth, especially when considering our humble beginnings with a mere three employees, two of whom are the owners themselves. Furthermore, we’ve launched our own line of designs called Simply Custom by Cole. We noticed that many clients were repeatedly using the same floor plans, incurring costs of approximately $4000 for these designs. While we take pride in being custom homebuilders, we recognized the need to cater to those who desire a straightforward home design yet still wish to personalize every detail. Our most popular design is the Franklin, offering 1,486 square feet, including three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and a two-car garage. We currently have four exciting Franklin projects in progress. Many people are downsizing as well as coming to Tennessee from out-of-state and don’t necessarily want a huge home, but they do want a large outdoor space, so we focus on those preferences,” continues Marisa. “Our Simply Custom by Cole currently offers designs from the Franklin to the Garfield up to 2560 square feet.”  

A quaint escape 

Tracey Lee, Project Manager, introduces one of Cole’s most recent projects. “The house we are just completing in Georgia is truly impressive, featuring a 12-car garage alongside the main residence. It was a unique and enjoyable project, with the husband’s focus centered on the garage and the wife’s attention on the house itself. Interestingly, they initially started with another builder who failed to communicate effectively, resulting in a frustrating delay where only the footers were poured after six months of construction.
Out of frustration, they approached us, and we took over the project. Now, a year later, we are on the verge of completing their dream home, just in time for them to move in and celebrate Thanksgiving.”  

Pascual Domingo, Lead Project Manager adds: “Speaking of memorable projects, whenever we build on the mountains, it always brings a sense of excitement, despite the challenges that come with dealing with unknown rock formations, particularly when constructing basements. Bluff lots are equally enjoyable due to the breath-taking views they offer. Our clients often want to maximize these scenic views, leading us to incorporate numerous floor-to-ceiling windows and wall-to-wall patio doors. 

“Constructing expansive back decks and outdoor kitchens is another aspect of our work, considering the significance of outdoor living spaces in the Chattanooga area. Our clients prioritize fireplaces and entertaining areas outside, sparing no expense to create inviting and comfortable outdoor environments. Many of our clients opt to enclose a section of the back deck with screens, while leaving another section open and roofless, allowing them to enjoy the best of both worlds,” adds Pascual. 

Making a difference

Reflecting on Cole’s 15th year in business, Matthew Cole, Owner, reveals the factors that contributed to the company’s continued success. “Communication is without a doubt the most important aspect of our process, both in terms of interacting with clients and collaborating with the entire team involved in the construction. Customer service also plays a crucial role, as our clients often seek not only updates on progress but also a connection with someone at our company. Since approximately 80 percent of our clients are located out of state during the construction phase, they are unable to personally witness the progress or be physically present. To bridge this gap, we send regular photos and updates, and always remain available to engage in conversations with our clients whenever they desire. LaNita Cates is our resident communicator, as we like to say and excels in this area as she possesses exceptional communication skills. I have witnessed her engaging in extended conversations with clients, dedicating hours on weekends and evenings to listen and guide them. This level of attentiveness and support is crucial to our overall success,”
he says. 

In addition to providing exceptional support and communication to its customers, Cole is dedicated to making a positive impact within the communities where it operates. “We are proud to be involved with the Linus Project, which donates blankets to a veteran’s organization, specifically for children who have lost parents. The Linus Project has established partnerships with esteemed entities such as Ronald McDonald House Charities, the Chattanooga Fire Department, and Family Promise. We are fortunate to have some employees within our team who love to crochet. As a result, we contribute approximately 75 blankets each year, making a meaningful impact in the Chattanooga area. Our commitment to giving back extends to the Chattanooga Friends of the Troops, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting troops deployed overseas. Through this partnership, we provide cards, care packages, and hygiene kits to homeless veterans,” Matt ends. 

Cole Construction excels in its commitment to building quality custom homes and fostering a strong sense of community. With unwavering care and attention to detail, the company creates homes that reflect the unique visions of its clients.