An illuminating approach

Natural light in any space can change the ambience and mood of the room as well as make it look more spacious than it is. No wonder it is the most sought-after feature by home-buyers. Every architect and interior designer aims to bring as much light into a room as possible so that the space feels more inviting and airy.

While not all rooms can come equipped with windows from floor to ceiling, leading windows and doors specialists, Genesis Collection have decided to share a few easy tricks that you can try in your home today that will help brighten up your place instantly.

Color choices
Without undergoing any major reconstruction of your walls, a simple change of paint can make a noticeable difference to the brightness of a room. Use bright colors such as yellow, white, pink, or light greys for the walls. You could even choose to go for the sky blue for the ceiling; this color tip will give it a natural glow.

If the color of the walls is taken care of, the next area to look at is the floor. To open up the space even further, make sure you choose light-wooden flooring. If upgrading the floor is too much of an investment, consider simply changing the rug. It’s amazing to see how a white or cream rug can trick the eye as well. If the walls and the floors are dominated by light colors it almost goes without saying that the furniture will accomplish a similar effect. Try light, warm or even translucent furniture pieces. They are sure to illuminate and reflect more light than their darker shaded counterparts.

Windows and doors
There is no surprise in the fact that the more windows and glass doors in the house, the more natural light gets in. Before thinking of replacing your windows for larger ones, try these two easy tips first. Get your window squeaky clean and you might be surprised by how much of a difference it makes to the room. Dust and dirt stains often prevent the sunlight from creeping in. The second tip is trimming all the trees around your windows. If your main windows are always shadowed by leafy, lofty trees, the room will always feel slightly darkened. Hence if you have can, try to trim the trees outside as much as possible to get all the sunlight your home needs.

Of course, if you have the possibility, replacing your current windows for bigger ones is a fantastic way to get most light into the room naturally. When it comes to doors, aim for doors with a window or even storm doors. If you have a garden, a fantastic way to light up the space that goes into your backyard is by installing sliding glass doors. Particularly quality pieces like the aluminum bifold doors from the Genesis Collection will create a fantastic illusion of extra space and airy atmosphere.

Artificial light
If getting in natural light is a big challenge, there are always artificial ways to achieve what you desire. Have a look around the room and spot the areas where that the natural light doesn’t reach easily. You could then add a lamp to that corner that can be dimmed depending in the moment of the day. As far as the rest of the artificial lighting is concerned, recessed lights are the best way to keep a room illuminated. Having lightbulbs spread across the room, the light reaches all angles and corners as opposed to one central piece that keeps most light in the focal point of the room.

However, if a chandelier works well with the interior design and styling, it is a fantastic option. Its glass and crystal facets will reflect the light all around throughout the day while giving the room an extra touch of glam.

Use decorations
The decorative pieces that you choose for your home also play a part in how bright a space feels. Architecture expert’s advice using materials that reflect light. For example, if we’re talking about kitchens or bathrooms, the tiles with a shimmer to them are sure to brighten up the room a lot more than matte ones would. You may also want to consider adding metallic touches, either to the furniture handles, curtain poles, or the picture frames and artwork. These will not only bring in an extra sparkle but will also give the room a more luxurious feel.

Finally, the ultimate decorative pieces that are sure to brighten up a space are mirrors. They will reflect the light like no other ornament and create a fantastic illusion of extra space. When putting up mirrors on your walls, make sure you choose the side opposite the window so that you make the most out of the reflected light.

When buying a new home, the first thing that most of us will look at is how much natural light the property has. This makes the view look more welcoming, airy and spacious. Yet, the tricks that we mentioned you can easily apply when a room feels darkened. Consider the use of colors, the windows, the artificial lighting and the decorations and you are sure to change the entire look and mood of the space.

Marcus O’Boyle is Genesis Collections’ Business Development Manager. The Genesis Collection is exclusively manufactured by Bison Frames who collectively have over 50 years of industry experience. They understand the importance doors and windows plays into the design and comfort of a home which is why they have made it their ultimate goal to help homeowners access some of the best products available.
The Genesis team are dedicated to continuously evaluate, refine and develop more new and qualitative features that enables homeowners to enjoy some of the best looking, high specification and reliable doors and windows.