With a focus on client experience, CroweBuilt Homes is delivering dream homes 

Based in Cartersville, Georgia, CroweBuilt Homes (CroweBuilt) is a family-operated custom homebuilder in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia area. With a focus on making the homebuilding process just as enjoyable as the finished home, the business emphasizes not only high-quality work, but also individualized customer care. 

CroweBuilt was founded in 2016 by Evan Crowe, who also serves as President, and his wife, Ellany, who occupies the role of Marketing Director and Administrative Assistant. Having previously worked for a residential development company, Evan started his own venture with an aim to provide remarkable customer service to accompany exceptional workmanship.   

“As we mainly build client-driven custom homes, we look at homebuilding as a truly custom experience,” Evan opens. “Our goal is all about attention to detail and client experience. While we have internal standards that ensure we make responsible decisions for the longevity of the home, we will do whatever it takes to deliver our clients’ dream homes as long as their vision, budget, and timescale allow.”  

A refined process 

Turning to CroweBuilt’s individualized process, the first step to any new home is to gain a clearer understanding of the customer’s vision. “Most of our clients have already secured their plot of land by the time they approach us,” Evan explains. “We get new customers to fill out our onboarding form before we hold an initial meeting, which helps to identify expectations and potential challenges early in the process.  

“Around half of our customers also have an architect or designer in mind when we start working together, but the other half are open to our recommendations. It’s crucial that we build a positive relationship with clients based on trust and honesty from the beginning, as we’re going to be working together for 18-to-24 months between design and build.” 

The team then creates a scope for the project to outline pricing and timeline estimates. While customers secure their funding, CroweBuilt works behind the scenes to secure construction permits. “One of the big questions customers ask us is the price per square footage, but it’s so difficult to answer as each property is so unique,” Evan details. “It’s generally based on conditioned space, but we look at their inspiration pictures and advise them if their budget is feasible. 

“We then work with the architect or designer to get the plans together. Once agreed, building can commence, which typically can take anywhere between ten-to-16 months to complete the process from foundations to the final trim details. During construction, customers have access to our software system where we can upload photos for them to see, as well as a live schedule.” 

Some of CroweBuilt’s latest homes include Oak Hill, a 4400-square-foot property in Powder Springs, and Providence Road, in Milton, which sits at just under 9500 square feet and boasts a chateau style exterior and expansive outside space. However, Evan finds it difficult to select one property as his personal favorite, as he finds something special and unique in every project. 

“All of our homes are special in their own way because each one is a client’s dream home,” Evan suggests. “In terms of current projects, we’re working on a fantastic home in Marietta that is just over 11,000 square feet. We’re also completing a project for a family where we’ve transformed a rundown barn on a large expanse of land into a modern style hunting lodge. 

“We’re fortunate that demand in the Atlanta region hasn’t changed too much. There was an influx of people moving to the area after the Covid-19 pandemic, and demand remains strong. Although pricing of both products and labor has definitely increased, people value true craftsmanship, and our demand is only growing as the business gains more exposure.”  

Social networking 

One of the ways in which CroweBuilt is building exposure is through social media, specifically Instagram. “We share a lot on social media, as it’s really the only form of marketing we do on top of our website,” Evan shares. “Many of our clients are referred to us through word of mouth, but we also gain several clients from social media. When someone can go to our Instagram account to see my face and hear me talking about our projects every day, they get a feel for how we work and to me, that is invaluable.  

“They can see the person behind the company, which helps to build trust. For most people, building a home is the biggest purchase they will make in their lifetime, so they want to trust in the integrity and quality of the person or business they choose to build their home. Above all, we want it to be an enjoyable process and communicating via social media is just one way we can deliver excitement.”  

Continually improving 

Turning to the future, Evan explains: “The biggest challenge for us is educating our trade bases on how to get the details right, which requires a lot of on-site time from our team. As we place such emphasis on quality craftsmanship and attention-to-detail, it’s crucial that we deliver exactly that. We believe that by investing in our team, they will want to do an excellent job in return instead of settling for something that doesn’t quite meet the standards our customers have come to expect.  

“By investing in our team and their education, our project delivery and quality continues to improve,” Evan concludes. “Looking ahead, our focus remains on the client experience. We’re transparent and honest with our customers, and we take time to explain why we use certain products or procedures. Overall, we’ll continue to do exactly what we do now, but continually improve the process to deliver clients’ dream homes with a seamless client experience.”