WD Contractors & Landscaping continues to build its reputation for delivering high quality, beautiful homes 

Founded by Willie Deloach and his wife Laverne Harrell-Deloach in 2014, WD Contractors & Landscaping began life offering handyman services for the local area. Drawing on Willie’s background in construction, coupled with Laverne’s past career in concrete, the business gradually expanded. “We initially worked with American Homes to Rent, doing little renovation and landscape projects for homes that were going to be rented in the local community,” begins Laverne. “We took what we learned on those projects and began doing our own renovations, which then segued into doing brand new construction projects.” 

Willie Deloach and Laverne Harrell-Deloach
Willie Deloach and Laverne Harrell-Deloach

Working mostly in metro Atlanta but also licensed for South Carolina, Laverne noted that the business is benefiting from a wave of new residents being drawn to the attractions of living in Atlanta. “Even with the market going up and down, Atlanta doesn’t have enough housing stock to deal with this influx and as a result we’re extremely busy,” she says. “We’re very grateful to be in this situation, even if it means canceling vacations because we just don’t have the time!  

“A lot of people are coming in from other states, as they are finding Atlanta has a lot to offer, not just in terms of employment, but also a diverse housing stock, a city landscape like New York or Philadelphia, and good family values. Within an hour’s commute of a big city, purchasers can find homes with at least a quarter of an acre of land, so they get city life with a splash of the rural – the best of both worlds.” 

Given the growing communities and increasing requirements for assorted housing stock in metro Atlanta, WD Contractors & Landscaping is determined to ensure it is positioned to take advantage of opportunities. “We might be quite a traditional company, but we are trying to branch out and add some more options to what we provide, to fit everybody under our umbrella. We don’t want to cater to one specific demographic but rather continue our legacy with an assortment of developments.”  

Meeting customer needs 

These projects include Stonegate Manor, where WD Contractors & Landscaping purchased a subdivision of several empty lots, which it is developing into individual properties to sell. “There are 19 lots and a small dog park. It is the biggest project that we’ve undertaken and we’re proud of it, because it’s been ours from start to finish,” Laverne highlights. “It includes a range of diverse home styles and sizes, some with basements and two with elevators. We can do some customizations with homeowners to fit their specific needs.” 

White wood  faced house with balconyAlongside Stonegate Manor, WD Contractors & Landscaping has been working on Preston Hills, Bakers Ferry, and Highlands of Decatur, however Laverne was keen to direct attention to a different scheme – Whispering Meadows. “These are larger, ranch style properties, so a bit different for us.” She noted that changing demands from buyers were driving new layouts, as older family members are brought into their homes. “We have fabulous long-term relationships with our homebuyers, and we are finding that their needs are changing – if you move your parents or grandparents in for example, you need a one level home, with more space and a different layout. We do offer elevators as an option. Furthermore, we’re finding that people prefer to be at home these days. They want home comforts, like underfloor heating, and patios off the master bedroom. I am really enjoying this trend as I am a homebody and I would love to get back to big open concepts and multiple generations of the family in the kitchen, eating, cooking, and doing homework at the same time.”  

The next generation 

These family values are important to WD Contractors & Landscaping, and it likes to maintain its reputation for being a company of integrity. “Morals are important to us, and we really encourage a family atmosphere. Part of this includes someone we’ve been mentoring for almost three years to take over for Willie and I when we retire, which we hope will be in the next two years. We like to call her our surrogate baby. She’s about to sit for her general contractor’s licensing exam and we hope she will continue our legacy. Her name is Michelle Moore and while she is originally from Philadelphia, and brings that northern flair to her work, she is a southern girl at heart and has been adopted by the South.   

“She has very much the same outlook as us, with deep rooted family values and morals. Under her direction, we are hoping we can continue not just with big projects, but also more affordable plans for first time homebuyers, so we don’t just work with clients in a certain tax bracket. We are looking at possible projects for the homeless as well, or those who are struggling financially, maybe working with some municipalities within Atlanta.” 

With Laverne at the helm and Michelle rapidly growing in her own right as a general contractor, it’s no surprise to learn that the business also champions diversity and is keen to see more women working across the industry. “I want to see more women out there in the field with us,” Laverne concludes. “We’ve got so many projects going on, there are opportunities for everyone.”