The unique allure of Pinetop Custom Homes offers a contemporary take on a vintage genre  

You won’t find a Pinetop home in New York’s central suburbia. You won’t even find one on the outskirts of Chicago. You need to go into the heart of Idaho’s mountain terrain, on the banks of the Payette Lake, or near Whitetail. Hidden among the tips of the Pine trees, these carefully crafted homes serve as a sanctuary from the elements of the outback.  

“Pinetop Custom Homes began in 2005 by Dusty and Elise Bitton,” begins Carrie Potter, the company CFO and Executive Director of Interior Design. “Since its inception, we’ve been building dreams and relationships in the greater McCall area. We specialize in larger custom homes and have over 200 homes under our belt. In the beginning, we paved the way by using superior products and pioneered the use of self-erect cranes. As Pinetop continued to grow, we began to self-perform as much of the project as we could to control quality and timeline in our pursuit of perfection,” she says. 

Carrie’s journey to becoming the CFO at Pinetop Custom Homes (Pinetop) reflects her versatile skill set and dedication to a job well done. In 2012, she joined Pinetop, marking the beginning of a transformative chapter in her career. Over time, her role evolved into a dynamic “hybrid position with many different roles, including, but not limited to, the Executive Director of Interior Design,” she shares.  

Prior to joining Pinetop, Carrie’s professional trajectory unfolded with a unique blend of experiences. While still in school, she immersed herself in the world of interior design for two years, honing her creative flair. Subsequently, she made a transition into the finance sector, dedicating a decade to mastering the intricacies of financial management. Carrie’s ascent to the CFO role at Pinetop underscores her ability to merge creative and analytical spheres, positioning her as an invaluable asset in steering the company’s financial success and design innovation.   

Craftmanship and innovation 

With her experience, the company has been able to pioneer many aspects of the homebuilding process in McCall. “Our specialty is custom single-family homes that range in size, from 6000 square feet to over 20,000 square feet. Occasionally, we will do large scale remodels and have done some public works projects. Along with Pinetop, we started Rocky Mountain Crane, which provides self-erect and tower cranes throughout the Western states. Cranes have been paramount in keeping our jobs going year round in our extreme climate,” Carrie outlines.  

When asked about any projects in the pipeline, Carrie shares that the most notable are Payette Lake and Whitetail. A quick glance through the company’s online portfolio will show that quite a few of the homes in Whitetail fall under its repertoire. One home worth a mention is the Moss Residence, where Pinetop’s craftsmanship and innovation is exemplified.  

Custom quality 

Nestled within the prestigious Whitetail Community, this mountain modern masterpiece stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence in custom homebuilding. The exterior showcases a harmonious blend of wide vertical plank cedar, metal siding, and roofing, which creates a stunning façade that blends with the natural surroundings. Boasting an expansive 5325 square feet, this four-bedroom, five-and-a-half bath residence is a showcase of luxury and thoughtful design. The interiors are accentuated with custom-slab counters, LED lighting, and a low-voltage premium sound system, reflecting Pinetop’s dedication to incorporating upscale finishes. Practicality meets elegance with radiant heat installed throughout, even in the garages.  

The recreation room, complemented by an outdoor terrace, offers an ideal space for entertainment and relaxation. The Moss Residence also features a five-car epoxy-finished garage, providing ample space for residents and guests. The exterior landscaping and lighting are a visual wonder, and enhance the home’s aesthetic appeal, while offering breathtaking views of Jug Mountain. With an attention to detail that extends to an electronic blind system, a water-featured fire pit, and other touches, the Moss Residence is a gem in Pinetop’s portfolio, showcasing its commitment to delivering unparalleled quality in custom homebuilding within the scenic McCall region. 

A Pinetop home is unique in the sense that the craftmanship reflects the nature that surrounds it, and this innovative design would not be possible without a dedicated team and supportive company culture. “Because we self-perform as much of the projects as possible, you can imagine our crews are quite large,” highlights Carrie. “We were the first construction company to offer full benefits, health, vision, and dental care, and matching 401k. Our employees get two weeks paid vacation, Friday lunches, catered parties, annual fishing and cat ski trips, company trucks and tools. We are also huge supporters of children in our community and initiate programs that benefit both them and our employees.”  

Building relationships 

In addition to its united company culture, the business also depends heavily on its vendor network. To this, Carrie shares her gratitude for the efforts that go into bringing these magnificent homes together: “We have wonderful relationships with our suppliers and subcontractors because we set clear expectations and always do what we say.”  

As Carrie looks to the future, she envisions a trajectory of growth and innovation that promises to redefine the traditional mountain genre in Idaho. Throughout our conversation, it becomes evident that the company’s aspirations are firmly set on a path of continuous evolution and excellence. With a vision that extends into 2024 and beyond, Pinetop anticipates welcoming a host of new clients and embarking on exciting new projects. Carrie expresses her desire to see the company ‘steamrolling ahead’, driven by a commitment to introducing fresh designs and innovative ideas.  

This forward-thinking approach reflects Pinetop’s dedication to staying at the forefront of the custom homebuilding industry, pushing boundaries, and setting new standards. As the team navigates the dynamic landscape of the greater McCall region and beyond, Pinetop Custom Homes is poised to leave an indelible mark, not only for its impeccable craftsmanship showcased in each home, but also for its unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of design.  

In bringing her thoughts to a close, Carrie has this to share: “When it comes to building relationships within our circle, that is exactly what we do. It’s almost more important than building homes. We have gained lifelong friendships with almost all our clients. We do life together, and that is what will continue to make this business so special.”