Rockwell Developers’ founder shares the team’s story of success 

Under the visionary leadership of Founder, Danny Ostad, Rockwell Developers (Rockwell) has cemented itself as a premier name in luxury home construction and renovation since 2010. Danny started building luxury residences near his home on the North Shore of Long Island in 2001 and since establishing the company, has engineered organic growth through an unwavering commitment to excellence. Each home showcases bespoke craftsmanship and attention to detail and the business has emerged as a trusted partner for homeowners seeking unparalleled quality and bespoke design. 

“I graduated from Boston University in 1995,” Danny shares, “and like many people, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for a living. I began my professional career in the securities and finance industries before deciding to pursue my passion for design, architecture and quality construction. The first project I got involved in was a 7000-to-7500 square-foot luxury home, which ended up selling for close to $4 million.” Following its inception, Rockwell made an impact on the market. “Our homes didn’t resemble typical spec homes. I was heavily involved in the design, which we now refer to as the Rockwell design. I soon realized that I needed to build a brand, as I was becoming increasingly passionate about working with homeowners on custom homes. Today, the majority of what Rockwell is doing as a team is representing homeowners in high-end luxury new construction and renovation. By prioritizing each client’s experience, we have cultivated strong friendships and partnerships. Clients have even become investors in some of our real estate ventures,” he clarifies. 

“After starting the company, I quickly learned that the skills of the tradespeople hired for a job are critical to its successful outcome. Even just a few subpar trades can negatively impact a client’s experience. I have a genuine appreciation for skilled craftmanship. Not all tradespeople are equal and as a result, I carefully select the most skilled and qualified individuals to join the Rockwell team. Building a strong relationship with clients is crucial, and that involves managing their expectations and guiding them through the process. We proudly take responsibility for our projects and provide an ongoing service. If that extends beyond the warranty period, then so be it. I always want to know exactly what’s going on with each project. It’s this commitment to exceptional service that often leads to positive word-of-mouth referrals.  

“While we model our behaviors on those firms that I look up to in the industry, in terms of design, we aim to be distinctive. We value classic, timeless aesthetics, but we also vehemently embrace creativity and avoid repeating the same designs. We enjoy the unique outcomes that each project brings, and our passion for what we do is what keeps us motivated and excited to wake up and get to work each day,” Danny enthuses. 

Rockwell endeavors to equip its clients with the necessary resources to make informed decisions throughout the construction of their dream homes. This is made possible thanks to the company’s team of passionate and caring workers. Danny reveals his secret to keeping his workforce motivated: “To keep everyone’s motivation high, we strive to treat our tradespeople very well. We thoroughly understand their value, and frankly, it doesn’t cost anything to treat people with respect, to pay them on time and to praise them for their hard work. To me, our company culture revolves around mutual respect, no matter the person’s role within our projects.  

“Moreover,” he continues, “that respect extends to our clients. Having experienced the challenges of building my own home, I understand the difficulty of making decisions throughout the process, whether selecting hardware for cabinetry or deciding on the color of the slate roof for example. That’s why we approach our clients with compassion, recognizing that they are likely to be making some of the most significant financial decisions they have ever had to make, and that they rely on our expertise,” he affirms. 

From managing personalities to expectations, the business has successfully navigated its fair share of challenges, including the often-inevitable cost and budget fluctuations. As such, Danny is a firm believer in the importance of building relationships by offering support and advice even prior to commencing a project. Along with its tradespeople, Rockwell has successfully worked with a wide range of homeowners over the years, honing its service through a multitude of projects.  

“We can build anything, and we love to be challenged. We have completed 2500 square-foot homes, 4000 square-foot homes, and even a recent project spanning 25,000 square feet. Having the right architectural and design teams in place is a key factor to making those ventures enjoyable, and we have been incredibly lucky with those teams. Currently, we’re involved in some exciting endeavors, such as the renovation of a 20,000-to-25,000 square-foot waterfront estate that was featured in an Al Pacino movie. Being part of such incredible projects allows us to continually expand and enhance our portfolio. Looking to the future, we want to continue enjoying quality customers and varied and even more challenging projects. What won’t change, however, is the rewarding relationships and friendships we build with both clients and our trusted tradespeople. The biggest enjoyment for me is those relationships and the stellar name we’ve built for ourselves from scratch, and it shows in the way our clients talk about us and the number of referrals we receive,” he concludes. 

Through pioneering vision and passionate dedication to customer service, Rockwell has established an unrivaled reputation for creating luxury living spaces tailored to individual preferences and lifestyles.