Preparing the next generation

Through this partnership, Klein Tools will serve as the title electrical sponsor of the Home Builders Institute’s 55 electrical programs nationwide, which prepare students with the skills, knowledge, and placement services they need for careers in the skilled trades, particularly in the electrical field.

“The construction industry needs a staggering 740,000 new workers for each of the next three years to meet the demand for housing,” said Ed Brady, President and CEO of HBI. “That’s a crisis, and industry leaders and advocates must work together to attract, train and retain new workers, as well as secure housing affordability and accessibility for all.”

“For decades, Klein Tools has been in the pursuit of closing the skills gap that exists in the skilled trades professions,” remarked Mark Klein, co-president of Klein Tools. “We have long admired the work that HBI does to address these issues, and we believe that together we can further expand our reach and work toward ultimately eliminating the skills gap.”