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Custom building at its best

Since 1997, Pearsall Construction has made a name for itself as one of Michigan’s leading custom homebuilding contractors

Bringing dream homes into reality has been Pearsall Construction’s (Pearsall’s) mission for nearly 25 years. The company draws on decades worth of experience, in order to exceed customer expectations each and every time. Thanks to its focus on quality of service, workmanship and fair business practice, Pearsall Construction is now an industry leader in the Michigan area, armed with an impressive portfolio of ambitious and adventurous designs.

The history of Pearsall Construction is inextricable from the story of its founder and President, Tony Pearsall. Having learned the tricks of the trade from his father, Tony built the company himself, driven by a passion for construction, and a desire to always be challenged by new and exciting projects. As Tony relates: “As a child, I grew up in a home where we didn’t call any tradesmen or repairmen. We simply built what we needed and repaired things as we needed to. My father was a jack-of-all-trades who instilled in me the foundation for everything I do today.

“I worked summers in custom construction during high school. In 1995, I took on a custom room remodeling project for a previous employer, with whom I had dabbled in iron working. Through word of mouth, one thing led to another, and I was accumulating enough work to bring on a helper and pursue a career in the construction industry.

“Shortly afterward, I obtained my builders license and, thanks to my mother’s accounting background, formed my first LLC. I had taken several jobs collaborating with local builders as a subcontractor but found it difficult to land projects that presented the challenge I sought.”

Expanding operations
Tony would not be without the challenge he desired for long, as he was offered the opportunity to reconstruct a three-story restaurant, with the aim of reinstating its original vintage qualities in all their glory, in 1998. The success of this project catalyzed Pearsall’s success, and in 2000 the company began restoration work on an 85-year-old historic castle.

“The Castle Farms of Charlevoix, Michigan, was an incredibly important project for us,” Tony explains. “We were contracted for a four-year project that involved restoring the castle in a manner that replicated its original beauty, allowing you to step back in time. It was an enormous success, and Pearsall’s working relationship with the owners continues to this day, not only with restoration but also with the addition of new attractions,” he adds.

These are the early milestones that helped Pearsall Construction make its mark on the Charlevoix community. Having emerged as a highly capable, specialist homebuilder, Pearsall Construction expanded its operations. “In addition to our team of organized project managers, talented craftsmen, and paint specialists, we collaborate with local trade professionals to deliver a seamless process, from conception to completion, for our clients.

“Although we use subcontractors, I have always had my hands in every aspect of the construction process. By staying involved and leading our team through the different phases of construction, we are able to perform a variety of projects, from the smallest maintenance needs, and custom commercial projects, to custom luxury homes, and everything in between. The wide range of our specialized services allows us to maintain scheduling and quality throughout every project,” states Tony.

Over the years, Pearsall Construction has completed on a number of unique and luxurious builds. Amongst its spotlight projects is Walloon Lake Modern, a bespoke property located on the edge of Walloon Lake , in Michigan. “Not only was this a truly exhilarating build, but it was also challenging from a structural standpoint. In order to complete this modern masterpiece, our team at Pearsall Construction had to tackle a number of challenges; from complexities in the framing, and the construction of a custom floating staircase, to the procurement of expensive lakeside glass,” Tony discusses.

“Overcoming these challenges and completing the build to specification was an incredible accomplishment. This custom-built modern home was designed with a vast array of unique assets, and the Pearsall Construction team played an integral role in bringing that vision to life.

“The open floor plan allows everything to flow, and exhibits a breath-taking, panoramic view of the lake. In the summer you can choose to relax in the custom Cedar outdoor living space with stone patio underfoot, watch television, or take in the many scenes the lake has to offer – all whilst enjoying a hand shaped, wood-fired pizza from the stone fireplace oven.

“Alternatively, it is possible to enjoy a soak in the hot tub or take a dip in the lake and then rinse off in the custom outdoor shower that features a one-of-a-kind design. Regardless of your pleasure, Pearsall Construction, Inc. has an amazing ability to think ‘outside the box’ and make every space usable, inside, and out,” he elaborates.

Open and collaborative
The Pearsall Construction portfolio is full of unique lakeside properties. Another one of the company’s more bespoke builds is Lake Michigan Modern, a personal favorite of Tony himself, as he enthuses: “Lake Michigan Modern honestly just makes me smile. As unique on the outside as it is on the inside, this modern marvel offers a glimpse of the two-story garage, with the option to park vehicles in both the lower and upper level, as you approach.

“As you step out and walk around the exterior of the home, don’t be surprised to find your jaw wide-open as you stroll under the walkway around the side, to be greeted with a cantilever patio with glass handrails that reach over the inground spa, custom cut backlit artwork and a traversing stone walkway, all of which takes you through a lush landscape to the stone patio and fire pit.

“The interior greets you with a million-dollar view of Lake Michigan, also known as Little Traverse Bay. There is also a glass foyer floor onto which you can stop and enjoy the incredible space. The open floor plan invites you to explore all the intricate details of this home, which features many modern interior finishes, including a 16-foot-tall glass shower in the master bath, and handmade tiles. All these features make Lake Michigan Modern a house that is truly one-of-a-kind.”

Exhibiting the company’s aptitude for more traditional aesthetics is Round Lake Shingle, a timeless carriage house that is purpose-built for its inhabitants. “The exterior features a swooping roofline, Cedar shake siding, natural stone, and radius arch top garage doors with limestone trim, all of which is complemented by IPE deck tiles and custom handrails.

“The living room has a couple of focal points; the granite fireplace is surrounded by an inset hearth and the detailed coffered ceiling. Adjacent is the kitchen and dining room, which makes for a very functional space. Escape to the second-floor master suite with a picture framed view of Round Lake, between Lake Michigan and Lake Charlevoix,” Tony illustrates.

None of these projects would have been possible without Pearsall Construction’s open and collaborative approach. As homebuilding specialists, Pearsall’s team seek out only the most informed and knowledgeable partners to help them ensure a gold-standard of quality.

“Although we do offer general contracting, many of our projects were completed with our company acting as a ‘foundation to finish builder’, working for another general contracting company. I have always found it more effective to combine strengths with other companies rather than compete and fall short of the resources needed to reach the best possible outcome for a project,” Tony explains.

Aquatic venture
Maintaining strong operational leadership was also a major asset for Pearsall Construction during the outbreak of Covid-19, from which the company managed to emerge stronger than ever. “I think the fact that all our projects have ended on a positive note during the pandemic is something to be proud of. We adapted work-from-home strategies for our office staff, provided the proper masks and sanitation for our employees, and limited crew sizes for at-risk team members.

“Those measures proved successful, and we are currently completing a lakefront remodel that originally budgeted at $500,000. When we opened certain areas of the house, we found rot and deficient workmanship that had been intentionally concealed. The final project ended up closer to $1.5 million and still produced one of the best testimonials we have today,” Tony reveals.

Protecting his people throughout the pandemic was of upmost importance to Tony, as Pearsall Construction values the challenging work and knowledge of its team second to none. “I have often said that I am nothing without the people around me. We work hard to pair the right teams with the right projects. To make sure our employees feel engaged and excited to be on the team, we have paid benefits, company outings, holiday parties, and a payroll protection program,” Tony affirms.

The desire to always be challenged, which Pearsall Construction was founded upon, has only grown stronger, as the company has become more experienced and specialized. Today, the business is preparing to undertake an exciting new aquatic venture, as Tony confirms: “We are currently working on the demolition and reconstruction of a 6800-square-foot boathouse that had to be carefully disassembled and re-engineered. The foundation of this project is currently going through the marine construction phase. Once that is complete, we will commence construction on the structure.”

The future of Pearsall Construction will no doubt be characterized by quality, dedication, and a splash of designer flourish.

The company is on a trajectory of impressive growth, as Tony concludes: “In the next three to five years, we will seize any opportunities that will allow us to grow, with a goal of growing 10-to-20 percent each year. That means we are prepared to almost double in size. It has been a rewarding journey to this point, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Pearsall Construction.”

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