Odevo continues global expansion through third US acquisition

The acquisition will bring new opportunities to the property management group

Fast-growing international property management group, Odevo, has expanded its presence in the US through a third acquisition. Its newest addition, William Douglas Management, has eleven offices across North and South Carolina.

Odevo’s unique approach leverages the power of people and technology. The group was formed when leading UK managing agent, Rendall & Rittner, joined forces with Swedish-based Nabo and SBC.

It became a market-leader in the UK with Premier Estates and Trinity Property Group also forming part of the group.

Furthermore, William Douglas Management is the leading property management company in the Carolinas. With over 1000 homeowner associations under management and a total of 130,000 homeowners, the company joined forces with Odevo shortly after it entered the US market.

Chris D. Gilleland, CEO of William Douglas Management, said in a recent press release that the company is thrilled with the venture. “We were drawn to Odevo’s value creation philosophy, which prioritises the development of team members and local brands. It also provides exceptional support in technology, financial services and human resources.”

Hopes for the future

Odevo has taken an innovative approach to building a market-leading international group by valuing the strength and expertise of individual companies, while adding value and resources across the group; a tactic which has since paid off. Over the last four years, Odevo has grown by thirty times across Sweden, Finland, the UK and now the US.

Daniel Larsson, Odevo’s CEO, also added: “We always strive to partner with the very best companies in the industry. William Douglas Management’s commitment to people and exceptional service is perfectly aligned with our core strategy. KWPMC, Spectrum and William Douglas are all exceptional companies that have delivered and will continue to deliver exceptional service and growth propelled by the same values. I am very excited about our combined ability to drive change in the US industry and I look forward to more companies joining a truly exciting journey.”