MG Legacy Custom Homes’ architectural prowess offers a glimpse into the future of modern family living 

Celebrating ten years in the landscape of South Texas, MG Legacy Custom Homes (MG Legacy) focuses on constructing luxury high-end custom and spec homes. With a highly personalized approach combined with its unique style and aesthetic, MG Legacy conforms to each customer’s specific needs. While the company’s masterpieces are generally available for sale in the countryside communities of Wilson County, Texas, MG Legacy also fulfills customers’ dreams by building homes to their preferred specifications. Michael Gobart, Founder and Manager, reviews the milestones achieved by MG Legacy.  

Collaborative culture

Michael Gobart, Founder and Manager MG Legacy Custom Homes
Michael Gobart, Founder and Manager MG Legacy Custom Homes

“MG Legacy was founded in early 2014 with a vision to build homes that would not only become part of our family’s legacy, but also a place for other households to create cherished memories. Inspired by the wisdom and values instilled in me by my grandfather and uncle, I carry forward a deep respect for hard work and faithful diligence, which still underpins our mission. From the outset, our early projects laid the foundation for our dedication to quality and enabled us to cultivate our own distinct style within our regional market. As MG Legacy grew, we improved our processes, striving to elevate the design and aesthetics of the homes we craft. Involving our family in the process, including my wife and six children, along with dedicated staff, has been particularly rewarding, fostering a collaborative environment where we pass on values and skills to future generations. With 120 homes completed over the past decade, we have been privileged to work with industry veterans who have played a significant role in counseling and educating us throughout our journey. Our partnerships with talented contractors and local artisans have allowed us to incorporate unique, locally sourced materials into our homes. Acknowledging the significance of these enduring relationships, our team of artisans, and the trust of customers who choose our houses as their family homes, drives our commitment to preserving our culture and our craft,” he affirms. 

After a decade in the challenging field of homebuilding, MG Legacy has consistently honed its competitive edge. “We seek to distinguish ourselves from the competition by constructing residences that transcend being mere structures. We create homes adorned with distinctive touches and custom features typically found in more expensive properties. At the heart of our business ethos is a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and design, with a desire to honor the Lord. We pay close attention to the details that transform a house into an exceptional home, carefully selecting and coordinating materials and finishing touches. MG Legacy’s homes seamlessly blend modern convenience with rustic charm, fostering the atmosphere of a countryside cottage all while providing the comforts of contemporary living. This unique design approach appeals to individuals seeking a place beyond the standard offerings for conventional homes,” Michael adds.  

Superior craftmanship 

Michael discusses one of MG Legacy’s most exciting projects. “Our expertise lies in crafting homes for customers seeking to upsize, ranging from 2400-to-3000 square feet. One particular project highlighting MG Legacy’s special touch is our work within the Eden Crossing community. There, we constructed a 2835 square-foot residence, showcasing our commitment to superior craftsmanship and thoughtful design. Beautifully illustrating our use of quality materials in architectural details, this four-bedroom home presents an open floor plan with elevated ceilings and is accented by cedar beams and walnut cabinetry. Furthermore, the spacious kitchen boasts upscale granite countertops, ample counter space, custom cabinetry, KitchenAid appliances, and a convenient pot-filler. Each bedroom also offers unique ceiling treatments and direct bathroom access, granting comfort and privacy. Additionally, the master suite provides generous space, a luxurious bath, and two separate closets. Outside, an open patio overlooks the one-acre lot, making it the ideal space for relaxation and entertainment. Overall, the features found in this home exemplify our focus on luxury and convenience in an upsized residence,” he continues. 

On a similar note, Michael reveals an ongoing project he is particularly excited about. “MG Legacy is currently in the process of crafting a stunning home located in the new construction community of Hondo Ridge in La Vernia, Texas. This venture marks an exciting milestone for our company as we experiment with a unique palette of interior colors, cabinetry, and tiles. Adopting a forward-thinking approach, we have opted to incorporate natural greens, wood tones, and gold accents that align with trends we believe will be favored in the years ahead. Notably, this home boasts an expansive square footage and introduces an innovative floor plan that integrates spacious, open living areas which are perfectly suited to the dynamics of modern family life. With its four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms, the layout offers extra space to accommodate both communal gatherings and private retreats. Lastly, the exterior design is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of our design while maintaining the aesthetic of the property’s environment. Anticipated to be on the market by July 2024, this home represents more than a mere blueprint; it serves as a canvas for innovation, offering a glimpse into the future of homebuilding at MG Legacy,” he adds. 

Looking to the coming years, MG Legacy envisions land development as a vital component of its expansion. “Recognizing the increasing demand for affordable and desirable living spaces, we are pursuing additional acreage to master plan with an eye towards single family and build-to-rent communities,” ends Michael. As the company continues to focus on single-family homes, it is poised to play a vital role in shaping the evolving landscape of real estate.