Luxury home builder, BGD&C Custom Homes, sets itself apart through client care and complete custom design 

With an exclusive focus on designing and building forever homes for its clients, BGD&C Custom Homes continues to establish itself as Chicago’s foremost luxury custom home contractor. Throughout its impressive history, which spans over 36 years, the company has remained dedicated to one mission: to create unique structures that are as singular and remarkable as the families they become home to. Thanks to its impressive and extensive in-house expertise, ranging from architectural design to construction, BGD&C can streamline the complex process of building a custom home, ensuring nothing less than perfection in the end product. With each new home, BGD&C raises the bar, and surpasses client expectations. 

Alfreco diningThis long legacy of excellence began in 1986, as Senior Project Manager, Taryn Vrane Lund, begins: “To give an idea of the longevity of the company, Charles Grode, our Vice President, joined Rodger Owen, our company President, back in the late 1980s. At the time they were doing general contracting work, catering to the city’s high-end architects for historic renovations, kitchen and bath remodeling. 

“In the early 1990s, Rodger and Charles were approached by a client to design and build a 9000-square-foot home on a double lot. This was the first project where they had total control over design, engineering, and construction, and therefore it was a huge milestone for the company. With the successful completion of the Lill St. home under their belts, Rodger and Charles made the decision to continue with the design-build model and focus on high-end, single-family homes. 

“More recent milestones include Rodger being inducted to the Merchandise Mart Hall of Fame in 2015 and the company receiving several local and regional awards since 2017. Notably, BGD&C was the first-ever recipient of the Diamond Key Award from the Home Builder Association of Greater Chicago and was named Best in Region – Midwest at the Best in American Living Awards by the National Association of Home Builders.” 

As the company’s many accolades prove, BGD&C is a cut above the rest. “The number one thing that distinguishes us from others in the industry is that we are 100 percent focused on custom homes. We do not build spec homes, and only build when we have a client to build for. Because of this, we are extremely client-focused and able to deliver a superior product, with that product being completely custom, ultra high-end, generational homes that are integral to the neighborhood and landscape of the city,” Taryn affirms. It is why, over the years, BGD&C homes have come to characterize some of Chicago’s most exceptional neighborhoods. 

Attention to detail and uncompromising standards define BGD&C’s housing portfolio. Maintaining a reputation for exceptional quality and unparalleled service is no small accomplishment – from lifestyle factors to personal needs, BGD&C does its research in order to create a home tailored to the lives of its occupants. The company’s small yet dedicated team of professionals works hard to fully understand the needs of each individual client, as Taryn asserts: “Because we are such a small company, each person is a vital member of our team. I think that eliminates a lot of hierarchy that can sometimes bog down production at larger firms. We all work very closely together, supporting one another and working towards the same goal. I’m incredibly proud of the team we have both in the office and in the field. 

“Our vendors and subcontractors are also extremely important to us. Because we are building in the high-end, luxury space, we need everyone involved to perform at a certain level. Once we’ve found a subcontractor or vendor that we know we can rely on, and that synergy exists where we both understand how the other party works, we work hard to cultivate and maintain that relationship.” Indoor swimming pool

With custom homes, it’s common that contractors face unique design challenges. BGD&C prides itself on its ability to face these challenges head on. A combination of passion and precision ensures that the company can deliver on the unique vision of each client, constructing a space worthy of long-lasting memories and cross-generational traditions. Sustaining a close working relationship with clients is central to the success of all BGD&C projects, which is why the company prioritizes customer care. Many BGD&C homeowners stay in touch with the business, as it offers maintenance and upkeep services throughout their tenure. 

From stunning architectural blends of classic and urban aesthetics to European-inspired columns and intricate stonework, BGD&C has done it all. Each project holds a special place as part of the company’s long tradition of creativity and cutting-edge design. As Taryn explains: “Honestly, it’s difficult to select just one or two projects because each home is completely custom, and therefore unique. They all demonstrate what BGD&C is capable of, which is executing our clients’ visions of their dream home, on their terms. Regarding what is required to build these homes, the most difficult aspect of building entirely custom is dealing with the thousands of details that need to be engineered, reviewed, and approved. Nothing gets selected, purchased, or built without our clients’ approval, so as you can imagine, there’s a huge amount of information that needs to be managed, which is where I come in. It’s a lot of hard work, but also so satisfying to not only see the end product, but to hear from families after they have moved in and know how much they enjoy their home. It makes me tremendously proud to be a part of the BGD&C team.” 

Building homes for the future means factoring in sustainability wherever possible. Energy efficient design elements may soon become a mainstay of BGD&C home designs, as Taryn reveals: “Something I’m really interested in is smart energy storage systems. Savant Systems has a back-up battery system that allows the homeowner to store energy for emergency or outage situations, as well as for use during peak hours when electricity from the grid might be at a premium. Power use can be programmed through an app, which again, is especially helpful in the case of an outage to not only direct energy towards the essentials, but to have the ability to quickly redirect energy usage if the situation changes. Also, through the app, the user can monitor their daily, weekly, and monthly energy usage which can help with reducing energy consumption. I think that even for clients who are not particularly tech savvy, this is a powerful tool that provides homeowners with an added layer of security.” 

Homebuilding is a lifelong business that never goes out of style. With so much richness and potential still to be uncovered in the Gold Coast and Lincoln Park neighborhoods of Chicago, Taryn and her team have a bright future ahead of them. As she concludes: “Our goal as a company has always been the same – to provide our clients with custom, luxury homes that specifically fit their needs and lifestyle. That goal isn’t changing, now or in the long term. In five years, I’m hoping we’ve been able to provide many more clients with their forever homes.”