Latest pivot doors receive hurricane and impact certification

Hope’s Windows Inc has taken robustness to new levels in announcement of new door series

Hope’s Windows (Hope’s) announced its Jamestown175 Series of hurricane pivot doors has passed stringent wind tests, and is certified for use within hurricane and impact zones. The doors adhere to Miami-Dade County, Florida Building Code (FBC) and High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) standards.

The Jamestown175 Series includes six by 11-inch tall single panel doors, and Hope’s exclusive Power of 5 Finishing System. The doors are tested for TAS-201 (large missile impact), TAS-202 (structural), TAS-203 (cyclic load), air infiltration, water, and design pressure of approximately 60.0 PSF.

“At Hope’s, we do not take anything for granted. We know our clients have very high expectations of our products and we take this very seriously. The Jamestown175 Series of pivot doors is the perfect example of this tenet,” said Southeast Regional Sales Manager, Adam Irgang. “These doors have passed the most stringent tests in the country, and we’re proud to offer a one-of-a-kind product that represents our brand and reputation.”

Hope’s prides itself on a long-standing commitment to safety and certification, and the company subjects its products to more third-party testing than any other steel window and door manufacturer.

Pivot doors, similar to those recently tested, are featured in numerous residential and commercial properties throughout North America. Hope’s is proud to be an industry leader in custom fabrication, product development, product testing and third-party certifications. In its goal to achieve new possibilities in window and door design, Hope’s will continue to push the limits beyond what is deemed possible.