How KJ Luxury Homes is crafting some of Atlanta’s most desirable homes  

KJ Luxury Homes is one of Atlanta’s premier luxury home builders that has been delivering dream homes for more than 27 years. Through unwavering dedication to each project and a continuous commitment to providing excellence in both product and service, the business has grown to become one of the most reputable and desirable custom builders in the greater Atlanta area.  

Kamran Jalali
Kamran Jalali

Headed up by Kamran Jalali, who founded the business in 1989, KJ Luxury Homes boasts a talented and dedicated team that take genuine pride in their work and strive to surpass industry standards. Highly regarded for reliability, Kamran’s personable approach ensures clients’ demands are met during every step of the process as he guides them through the homebuilding journey and eventually hands them the keys to an expertly crafted home.  

Kamran’s journey into custom homebuilding in Alpharetta, Georgia has been far from seamless, but his determination to succeed has seen him grow KJ Luxury Homes to its current position. “I moved from Iran in 2001, where I also built houses, but as I’m sure you can imagine, the homebuilding landscape is drastically different compared to the US,” Kamran begins. “Most of the homes in Iran are constructed using concrete; there’s no wood used in the structures like in the US.  

“With a degree in industrial engineering from Tehran Institute of Technology, one of the best universities in Iran, I decided to continue in the real estate market once I’d moved to Georgia and went on to build my first house in Alpharetta in 2002. The project was very challenging and upon reflection, I didn’t have enough experience with the laws and regulations in the US to complete the processes smoothly. However, I persevered and managed to complete it, using the profits to fund my next project, and so on.  

“I’ve been involved in real estate and construction since I graduated, and I’ve built around 200 homes over the last 20 years or so,” he reflects. “I did pause building for almost three years during the recession, as the market and economy weren’t stable enough to build custom homes. I couldn’t stay away from the industry for too long though, as I started building homes again in 2011.   

Impressive portfolio 

“Today, most of the houses we work on are custom homes in Alpharetta and Milton, but our geographical reach extends to Sandy Springs, Brookhaven, and Dunwoody to work on great opportunities. We’re currently working on a gated community in the prime location of downtown Alpharetta, for instance, which consists of five custom built homes, each with a footprint of at least 5000 square feet. I’m particularly excited about this project, which we estimate to complete later this year, as it’s a culmination of all our knowledge and experiences to date.  

“We’re also working on a collection of three custom built homes on Bethany Road, which is again in a prime location in Alpharetta. These homes range from 6000-to-9000 square feet and sit on extensive plots with space for family living. We also have some work in Milton, but all the lots are already sold, so we’re working directly for each customer.”  

Promising future luxury home with large lawn

Turning to the specific operations at KJ Luxury Homes, Kamran explains: “Our custom homes are usually between 6000 and 12,000 square feet, and the customer is involved every step of the way, from designing the layout to installing the finishing touches. We have an in-house design team that work with the client and architect on both the exterior and interior design to take some of the stress out of the decision-making process. We pride ourselves on designing everything before construction begins so that customers know what to expect; the designs don’t always align 100 percent with the final product, but our clients appreciate being able to visualize their home.  

“We also work on spec homes, where we create a subdivision within a neighborhood consisting of anywhere between a few to 200 homes. These projects are particularly challenging, as we’re not working with a single client, but building a community for multiple families with different cultures and ways of living. We have to manage varying expectations, but my core team of six people always manage to keep everyone happy and finish the project with minimum tension. 

“Customer satisfaction is our number-one priority, but demands are generally becoming more challenging to deliver. Everyone has access to social media these days and people decide on designs or features they’ve seen online without considering the cost or required materials. We’re learning every day and our base of trustworthy suppliers and vendors – some of which we’ve worked with since our inception – help us to deliver solutions that satisfy our customers.”   

As our conversation draws to a close, Kamran considers the direction of the business moving forwards. “The future is difficult to pinpoint, as there have been several factors and changes in the market over the last few years that are out of our control,” he says. “My goal is to triple the size of the business over the next five years if the market allows, which would take our revenue above $50 million.” 

On a more personal note, Kamran concludes: “I hope that my son will join me in the business. I never pressured him to join me, but he has a natural passion for homebuilding and is enrolled to begin a construction management course at the Georgia Institute of Technology later this year. It’s too early to outline our succession plan – let’s see how he gets on over the next few years first!”