Here’s the best US city to retire for 2024

Retirement is a phase of life that many look forward to, a time when the daily grind of work gives way to leisure and relaxation. Choosing the best city to retire in is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the quality of your retirement years. In this article, we will explore the best retirement cities in the United States, examining what makes them stand out and why they are considered top choices for retirees.

Harrisburg, PA: A Top Pick for Retirement

One of the standout cities in the list of best retirement cities in the US is Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. In the 2024 rankings by U.S. News & World Report, Harrisburg claimed the coveted title of the best place to retire in the country. This designation speaks volumes about the city’s appeal to retirees.

Harrisburg offers a blend of affordability, outdoor activities, and cultural attractions that make it an attractive destination for those looking to retire. With a median house price of $223,842, well below the national average, it provides retirees with the opportunity to stretch their retirement savings further.

The city’s proximity to natural wonders like the Susquehanna River and the famous Appalachian Trail provides ample opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Bikers, runners, hikers, and nature lovers can immerse themselves in the scenic beauty of the region. Riverfront Park hosts many annual festivals and events, creating a vibrant community atmosphere.
Harrisburg also offers a temperate climate, with winters averaging 32°F and warmer months around 73°F, making it suitable for retirees seeking diverse seasonal experiences.

Factors that Define the Best Retirement Cities

What criteria are used to determine the best cities to retire in the US? The rankings take into account various factors that contribute to an ideal retirement destination:

  • Affordability: Affordability is a crucial factor for retirees. A city with a lower cost of living, affordable housing, and tax-friendly policies can significantly impact retirees’ financial security.
  • Quality of Life: Factors such as healthcare facilities, recreational opportunities, and cultural amenities contribute to the overall quality of life for retirees.
  • Outdoor Activities: Access to outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and scenic landscapes can enhance the retirement experience.
  • Climate: Climate preferences vary among retirees. Some prefer milder climates, while others enjoy the changing seasons. The best retirement cities offer a range of climate options to cater to diverse preferences.
  • Safety: Safety is a top concern for retirees. Cities with lower crime rates are more appealing to those looking for a secure and peaceful retirement.
  • Proximity to Attractions: Being near attractions like national parks, cultural sites, and entertainment options can make retirement more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Other Top Retirement Cities in the US

While Harrisburg claims the top spot for retirement in 2024, there are several other cities that stand out as excellent retirement destinations:

Reading, PA

Reading, Pennsylvania, is another Pennsylvania city that ranks high in the best retirement cities list. Its affordability, access to outdoor activities, and cultural offerings make it an attractive option for retirees.

Lancaster, PA

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, boasts a rich history, a thriving arts scene, and a lower cost of living. It’s an ideal destination for retirees seeking a blend of cultural experiences and affordability.

New York City, NY

Surprisingly, the bustling metropolis of New York City makes the list of best retirement cities. While it may not be the most affordable option, retirees are drawn to its cultural diversity, world-class healthcare, and endless entertainment possibilities.

Allentown, PA

Allentown, Pennsylvania, is celebrated for its affordability and access to outdoor activities. It’s a city where retirees can enjoy a comfortable retirement.