Havenpark Communities Invests in Affordable Homeownership

In a time when the affordability of homes is a pressing concern, Havenpark Communities is making a significant impact in Clinton Township, Michigan, by expanding affordable homeownership opportunities, including affordable new homes and affordable manufactured homes, for Americans.

Havenpark’s Journey of Growth

Since their purchase of the River’s Edge community in 2020, Havenpark Communities has embarked on an impressive journey of growth as one of the affordable home builders in Michigan. Initially, River’s Edge consisted of 450 homes, and since then, Havenpark has increased that number to 958. This expansion has been accompanied by substantial investments, with over $12 million in capital improvements.

A Practical Solution to Housing Challenges

The average purchase price of the newly developed manufactured homes in River’s Edge is just $80,000, which is approximately one-third of the median price of a single-family home in Macomb County. This stark contrast highlights the potential of manufactured homes as a practical solution to the current housing market challenges.

Community Investment and Resident Experience

Havenpark Communities’ CEO and Co-Founder, Robbie Pratt, emphasized their commitment to enhancing the resident experience by investing in their communities. In 2023 alone, they invested $1.9 million, converting a recreation center into an education-focused facility, improving community infrastructure, and promoting community events. The new learning center will offer upgraded Wi-Fi to support online tutoring and seminars conducted by local community colleges.

Nationwide Commitment to Quality Living

This investment isn’t an isolated effort. In 2022, Havenpark committed approximately $4.4 million to capital improvements in River’s Edge. Nationwide, the company completed $35 million in community upgrades and added 870 affordable homes across its portfolio, further establishing Havenpark Communities as a leader in providing affordable manufactured homes.

A Long-term Investment in Affordable Living

Havenpark Communities is dedicated to providing quality, affordable living and attainable homeownership for responsible residents. Their long-term investments reflect their commitment to delivering enduring value for both current and future residents.