Gateway Builders blends contemporary innovation with detailed craftsmanship to create stunning coastal homes 

Gateway Builders, a prominent figure in coastal residential construction, can trace its history back over two decades. This month, Modern Home Builders had the opportunity to speak with Jason Lambertson, the President of the business, who reflects on his company’s journey, and highlights the evolution from conventional building practices to bespoke, waterfront builds. He begins by sharing: “We’ve elevated our offering from traditional building to purely custom construction.” This elevation is particularly significant given that 90 percent of Gateway’s projects are waterfront homes, which require a meticulous focus on efficiency, structural integrity, and longevity to withstand the challenges of coastal environments – salt air and high winds to name a few. 

Collaborative construction 

A distinguishing feature of Gateway Builders is its proactive involvement in project assistance. According to Jason, the business works collaboratively with clients and architects to optimize designs for both aesthetic appeal and practicality. “We actually jump in as the builder and participate in as much as we can,” he notes. “I think that helps all sides. It especially helps the architect to consider views a bit differently on design versus function, and potentially create spaces that take in more of the view, or whatever the case may be; these are all important aspects of what we do as a builder.” 

Moreover, Gateway Builders has incorporated more technology to bridge geographical distances, as many of its clients are remote from project sites. Online Gateway project platforms provide clients with an app that updates in real time, facilitating decision-making and allowing a greater scope of project transparency. “At least 80 or 90 percent of our clients are around five-to-eight hours away, and we’re building either their dream home or their waterfront retirement home. We strive to ensure they can get updates and online notifications about decisions that need to be made, which is very important. Clients need to see what’s going on and be part of the overall process.” 

Another exciting milestone within the business’ history was the feature on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. “We were in the area and a friend of mine was in charge of the build, and they asked for our help. Originally, we were going to just chip in here and there but eventually we were brought in to do the majority of the exterior finish of the home. It was a cool experience, but a crazy rush to get it done,” he shares.   

Contemporary aesthetic 

When asked about his favorite project, for Jason, every contract, regardless of size, holds equal significance. He emphasizes, “big or small, all the projects are equally important to me.” This ethos outlines Gateway Builders’ commitment to quality and detail, ensuring that each endeavor meets the highest standards. “I think the quality and the level of detail can be the same in any project that we do,” he explains. 

Moreover, Gateway Builders strives to accommodate diverse budgets without compromising on aesthetic appeal. “In doing that, we do our best to create ways internally to give a vision of a high-end custom budget, but still be practical,” he says. This approach involves offering clients multiple options that deliver the desired look while being mindful of financial constraints. 

But what truly makes a Gateway Builders’ home unique is the company’s affinity for modern design, which is spearheaded by its President. “When we get the opportunity to apply modern characteristics to a coastal home, that’s really cool. As a builder, we do all types of architecture. We’ve done historical replications of homes from the 1700s and 1800s, we’ve done historical Southern, low country and farmhouse styles, and some of the more classical architecture. But at the same time, we love our coastal homes, and we love the modern home, and I believe these two styles can be integrated into the same cutting-edge design. Personally, the modern style is where a lot of the world is turning now, and I think that has to do with the expansive openness of the views, the higher ceilings, and the clean lines; all these elements combine to create a contemporary aesthetic, which is really beautiful,” he shares.  

Creative collaboration 

Of course, bringing together projects with such attention to detail requires more than a couple of tools and Jason’s know-how. Gateway Builders depends on a skillful team and reliable vendors to ensure successful project completion. “I would say in any situation, for all our builds, teamwork is crucial. When someone looks at the quality of the work that we do, it’s based on the quality of the team that we have. We’re not building the same house every time. We’re not using builder grade products every day. They get to try different features and take on different challenges. Whether that’s incorporating wine tasting rooms, expansive media rooms, really cool smart home features and ceiling treatments, all these are planned to coincide with the expansive views of the water. What gets our team excited is that they get to participate in that. 

“Furthermore, most of our foremen have a background in understanding the architectural design, which allows us to provide more creativity, and subsequently offers the clients different approaches to a design, which is a great part about our team for sure.”  

Building beautiful 

When it comes to the company’s vendor network, there are more aspects to consider, making the relationships the business holds even more special. “The challenge of a lower density area is we have a smaller pool of teams at our disposal. The integral part for us is that we maintain consistent quality. Most of our clients understand that when they see the online customer Gateway portal and they see the budget. Our job is to educate them as best as we can when it comes to pricing, so they understand that we’re getting parts in for the best price, but also at the best quality, and I think that’s also one of the things that we do well.” 

With robust relationships and a touch of modern flair, customers can expect projects from Gateway Builders that continue to maximize the beauty of the Delmarva Peninsula. Going forward, Jason is determined for the business to be known as a premier custom waterfront home builder for many more years to come. “I’d love for us to expand our reach so clients can see what we’re capable of.” Considering what the business has achieved so far, Jason’s goals certainly seem attainable.