Enter Raykon Construction’s world of architectural brilliance and consistent quality 

Built on a reputation of transparency, value, and pride, Raykon Construction Ltd (Raykon) strives to turn each of its clients’ dream homes into a reality. As part of its ethos, Raykon not only empowers clients by letting them autonomously select their preferences during the building process, but also values their presence on-site and works with them as a team to finalize their ideal home. Every member of the Raykon team is deeply committed to its customers’ happiness, resulting in a high percentage of repeat business from satisfied clients and referrals. Casey Cloward, Owner, provides an update on the company’s achievements over the last year. 

Large house, rectangular pool & fire pit“There has been a colossal team effort to improve every aspect of our business structure and day-to-day operations, ensuring our standards remain consistent. Having hired another project manager since we last spoke, Raykon’s team now includes five project managers that are currently overseeing six different projects. Additionally, we have four contracts in the pre-construction phase, meaning that we are managing and planning each stage in collaboration with our architects, engineers, and designers before we begin building. Whilst staying busy with these ventures, we recently celebrated the completion of a previous project. We are also extremely excited for our upcoming showcase at the Parade of Homes, with a Raykon home set to be opened to all parade goers. This is quite a common practice throughout the residential industry, enabling the public to experience our craftsmanship and increasing our brand exposure. Overall, we are fortunate to be in the position we are in today, with a solid lineup of projects,” he states.  

Home showcase 

While Raykon is finalizing preparations for its home to be featured at the Parade of Homes, Casey explains the benefits this event will bring about for the business. “During the parade, our home will be open for 20,000 people to tour and experience firsthand. I believe there is no better way for us as home builders to demonstrate our know-how and market our services than by allowing visitors to physically step inside one of our meticulously crafted spaces. Indeed, touching and feeling the quality of finishes, witnessing the spaciousness, and experiencing how the space works in person creates a lasting impression. In contrast, a mere picture would only be able to capture a few features and fails to convey the true size and quality of our builds. Moreover, the Parade of Homes provides countless media opportunities to take pictures to share on websites and social media platforms, allowing us to effectively showcase our work. Therefore, this event is an incredible opportunity that we wholeheartedly embrace and look forward to. This year marks our 20th home and 12th feature in the Parade of Homes, and we are thrilled to highlight our latest masterpiece,” he enlightens. 

Since its establishment in 2008, Raykon has evolved and adapted to the market to become the renowned entity it is today. “Naturally, we didn’t start by building multimillion-dollar houses but now that we are expanding into many different types of homes, we had to significantly restructure our systems and processes to effectively execute these designs and builds. Nonetheless, we still leverage some of the contacts and resources that we previously used on lower-end homes. However, it is important to note that our homes have become more expensive over time, leading us to collaborate with newer trades, too. In fact, the cost of homes in our market has nearly doubled in the past eight-to-ten years, primarily due to rising labor and material costs, as well as a greater emphasis on home innovation that was not as prevalent in the earlier stages of our business. At Raykon, we prioritize ensuring that our customers invest their money in a home they will truly cherish. To that end, we provide them with the necessary information and options, empowering them to make informed and personalized financial decisions. Ultimately, we fully respect their freedom to choose whether or not to pursue specific options,” Casey adds.  

Prestigious project 

As the company prepares for this year’s Parade of Homes, Casey reveals other ventures Raykon is involved in and eagerly anticipating. “We are pleased to have been selected as a preferred builder for the prestigious Three Bridges development, a 500-unit upscale community situated on a Country Club golf course in Salem, Utah. Currently in the initial stages of construction, my role involved navigating the approval process while Raykon serves as a supporting builder. Three Bridges will offer additional amenities such as a Flowrider, mountain hiking and biking trails. Although our involvement in the construction phase might only commence in about a year, I believe we were chosen for a reason, and we are truly excited about this opportunity. Furthermore, our entry for the 2025 Parade of Homes is poised to be an absolute showstopper. Working in collaboration with Upwall Design, one of the world’s premier architects, our home for next year’s Parade of Homes underwent two years of design before commencing construction in March 2023. Set to be completed a year from now, this home spans 13,000 square feet of high-end, luxurious living space with large window openings, 25-foot sliding pocket doors, and stunning glass walls. We are looking forward to showcasing this extraordinary home,” he enthuses. 

Looking to the future, Casey lays out his aspirations for Raykon. “I believe we will undoubtedly expand into the Park City market, where some of our customers have already secured property and chosen us to be their builder. Having developed into a prominent builder in our market thanks to our dedicated team, Raykon is entering its prime and beginning to produce more high-end builds. This success is poised to open new opportunities for us. Our primary focus is on taking on projects that align with our business goals, which in turn will organically fuel our growth and revenue while still positively impacting the lives of our employees, customers, and trade partners,” he ends. 

Through masterful construction, exceptional service, and collaboration with industry leaders, Raykon makes every client’s dream home a showcase of prestige and comfort.