Discover the secrets behind MIKEN Builders’ unique homes and unmatched craftsmanship 

Composed of construction industry veterans, MIKEN Builders, Inc. (MIKEN) is a custom home builder based in Delaware, specializing in designing, building, and remodeling homes. MIKEN is proud to be the preferred custom home builder at the beach, guiding its many clients through the building process by offering strategies, possibilities, and solutions, going above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction. Sean Cummings, who acts as President alongside his father Mike Cummings, delves into MIKEN’s history. 

Sunny interior overlooking balcony“My father, Mike, established the business in 1986 with the help of Don Jester, his experienced business partner, who initially set up the financial aspects of the business. Their original plan was for Don’s son, Ken, to eventually join the business, leading to the name MIKEN. However, Ken ended up joining another family-owned company called Paul’s Plastering, which was under third-generation ownership. Despite this, MIKEN retained its name and began undertaking numerous commercial projects for clients such as DuPont, the Department of State, banks, schools, and even constructed the morgue for the Dover Air Force Base. Circa 1989, Mike decided to start a beach division, which prompted his move to Bethany Beach in 1994. This led to the creation of a new office in the Delaware Beach area, where we still operate from, in addition to our original office in the north. In 2010, a few years after buying out Don, Mike closed the northern office. He subsequently consolidated all operations in Sussex County, shifting MIKEN’s primary focus to residential work while still undertaking commercial projects,” he begins.   

Family approach 

Within the highly competitive construction industry, MIKEN’s reputation and diligence continue to help the business stand out from its competitors. Furthermore, the company would not be where it is today without its extremely talented staff. “One of our notable employees, affectionately known as Super Bob, has been working for MIKEN for 38 years – longer than I have even been alive. In fact, a sizable portion of our workforce has been with us for over 25 years. We genuinely consider them as part of our family, and they care about the business as if it were their own. The exceptional talent within our team is evident when clients reach out to us, even ten to 20 years after we have completed their projects, and we readily respond to their needs. This level of commitment goes a long way, particularly in our small-town setting. Moreover, we have built multiple houses for the same families, including both spec homes and homes where they reside. Building a house for someone can be stressful, from selecting the necessary components to navigating the entire process. Therefore, when customers return to us years later, trusting us to work together again, it is a huge compliment. Notably, MIKEN has even built homes for the children of previous customers. It is the personal touch we provide in our small town that fosters this trust. We strive to create a feeling of confidence in our customers, not only by leveraging our expertise but also by demonstrating our willingness to assist them long after the project’s completion,” adds Sean.  Outside luxury home on the decking in the evening

Unique project 

Presently, MIKEN is working on a modernized home that is due to be completed soon [at time of writing]. Sean tells us more on this exciting project. “MIKEN is privileged to work with Chris Pattey, a brilliant architect from Becker Morgan Group, Inc., who has won multiple awards for homes he has designed. Our current project focuses on constructing an incredibly unique home for a young couple. With this in mind, we have opted for very sleek and modern materials. The exterior of the home exudes a hearty and chic aesthetic, featuring easy trim, a flat panelized look and cladding resembling decking to the average person. Notably, the four-story staircase boasts an all-glass design, creating a floating effect through a cable rail system. Another striking feature is the four-story accent wall with dark walnut panels that extend from floor to ceiling. Additionally, there is a 12-foot electrical fixture chandelier hanging through the stairwell and more cool details throughout the home. Regarding the exterior, we have installed an electromagnetic stainless steel cable rail, with LED lighting illuminating down under the round top cable rail. While walking through the home, there is a series of subsequent ‘wow’ factors that are unique to the space and truly take your breath away. Super Bob is pouring his heart and soul into this project, ensuring that anyone who visits the home is impressed by its uniqueness,” he describes. 

MIKEN has a busy year ahead with multiple projects lined up for 2024. “We are currently constructing a five-townhome unit in Bethany, along with a 7000 square foot medical building. Within the medical building, my sister, a dermatologist, will occupy 3000 square feet, while the remaining 4000 square feet will be dedicated to medical practice. Over the years, our core business has evolved from building 2000-to-3000 square foot homes to now focusing on larger, higher-end homes ranging from 4000-to-5000 square feet. MIKEN is excited to enter the highest-end market in our area and striving to become the premier contractor in our region,” he ends. 

Through bespoke and innovative designs and trusted craftsmanship, MIKEN is poised to reach even greater heights in the coming years.