Discover Sinacori Builders’ dedication to delivering unparalleled construction projects

Sinacori Builders is a family-run firm in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, specializing in custom home building, commercial construction, construction management, and land development. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a passion for turning dreams into reality, the company creates bespoke luxury homes and innovative commercial spaces that reflect its clients’ unique visions. Backed by years of experience, exceptional craftsmanship, and a customer-centric approach, Sinacori Builders takes pride in its ability to deliver personalized living and working environments that leave a legacy.  

“Like most businesses,” begins Bryce Sinacori, President, “the business was born from a need to provide for our family. My father started the company from5412 Carmel Road, Unit 4, Charlotte, NC 28226 nothing, with my mother at his side, and worked his fingers to the bone to grow it organically into a legacy that could support our family and employees for years to come. Over the years my brothers and I have joined the team, and we are privileged to be able to come together every day, to serve our clients and do what we love. We have an immense passion for building and all the wonderfully creative efforts that are involved in custom homes. As the saying goes: ‘choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life’. Clearly Confucius wasn’t in the construction industry, but I think we’re about as close to this sentiment as possible,” he enthuses.  

Show stopping projects 

Connor Sinacori, Executive Sales Manager, joins the conversation to share details of a Sinacori Builders recent community project called Carmel 7 Estates. “This is an enclave of seven beautiful custom homes that are currently coming to market. Each is unique with an established ‘modern transitional’ exterior style. The designs utilize a blend of Cedar to provide warmth, metal accents for glamor, and stucco or brick, in black or white, for sophistication. The black homes with cedar and metallic accents are exceptionally stellar and are proving to be a firm favorite.    

“We are also nearing completion on a home in an affluent part of town, that is sure to be a showstopper. It is an approximately 3.5-million-dollar, 8000 square-foot home, with a beautiful pool and outdoor hardscape design. Set to be one of our most impressive homes to date, it is scheduled for completion in July 2024,” he shares.    

“Sinacori Builders has historically averaged about ten luxury homes a year. The custom home space requires vast expertise as well as up-to-date knowledge of local government ordinances and product innovations. With every client partnership, we bring encyclopedic knowledge to their dream home project. Beyond the norm for custom homebuilding in Charlotte, our services include lot acquisition, either from inventory or sourcing the perfect site, in-house architectural design, interior design, round-the-clock availability for consultation, and an incredible standard for high quality finish.” 

Connor continues: “Our land development business is a large part of our company infrastructure and we have been involved in many projects within the Greater Charlotte region. Many Charlotte builders look to us for the location of their next development. Together with the assistance of brokers, Monument Real Estate Partners, we have a grassroots acquisition team dedicated to securing land assemblages.” 

5408 CARMEL ROAD“On the commercial side, we offer two different services,” Bryce elaborates. “We provide construction management services for clients, to aid in the design, planning and execution of larger scale projects. We also perform turnkey construction and management services on small- to medium-sized projects, such as restaurants or office upfits for small businesses and industry partners in the Charlotte area.”    

Innovative solutions 

The family-run company puts blood, sweat, and tears into bringing a client’s vision to life; to build a home, not just a house, for another family to enjoy and create lifelong memories. “It’s a very personal part of other people’s lives that we get to be involved in,” he explains. “We take that responsibility very seriously, but it can also be a lot of fun!  

“Purchasing a home is typically someone’s largest expense. As such, it’s critical for our clients to feel they are in safe hands. We have an unwavering zero-tolerance approach to anything short of perfection, and that sentiment is echoed throughout our company, from the top down.” 

Indeed, Sinacori Builders is a major proponent of innovative building solutions. “We champion improvements to everyday building materials to increase longevity, ease of use and maintenance. We often incorporate re-engineered products into our buildings to suit the specific needs of our homeowners. It is important for us to focus on being extremely specialized in building homes, and at times, that means taking the time to educate ourselves on products and implement them in a practical way. Whenever possible, we source materials from local suppliers and fabricators. This reduces the carbon footprint of the construction process and at the same time, supports and stimulates our local economy and industry partners.” 

Looking to the future, Bryce shares his hopes and vision for Sinacori Builders. “We would like to continue providing unique and exceptional homes to our clients, to continue pushing the limits of our creative design, working on challenging projects, and developing exceptional communities throughout Charlotte and the surrounding areas,” he ends.