Discover how Kept Classic Homes pioneers age restricted communities and redefines quality living 

Proudly rooted in Texas, Kept Classic Homes LLC specializes in development, construction, and community programming. Kept Classic is the partner of choice for quality builds and exceptional customer service, guiding customers throughout the entire journey of building their new homes. Shea Abbott, President, shares insights into the company’s history and operations. “A fairly new company, Kept Classic was established in 2021 which might seem like a daring time to launch a home building company as it was right after the pandemic. However, this decision was carefully considered. Originally, trading under Caprock Construction, a commercial construction company for approximately ten years, we had contemplated branching out into home building for some time. Eventually, we decided that even with the post-pandemic uncertainties, 2021 was still a suitable time to do so, and we just took the leap. Today, Kept Classic comprises a team of seven talented individuals. Operating in multiple markets across South Central Texas, we have successfully constructed 15 homes in the Hill Country region so far,” he begins. primary bedroom in 2016 Chalet Circle! Plush carpeting, tray ceilings, and a sitting room

Delving deeper into the topic, Shea unveils the driving factors behind the creation of Kept Classic. “We are a franchisee of Epcon Communities, a national construction and development entity specializing in active adult communities. As we are based in College Station, with Texas A&M University close to us, we have encountered a constant demand for active adult and age restricted communities in the area. Even though for a while some materials were hardly available and very expensive, the need for such housing in our vicinity has remained consistent. Therefore, we were confident that despite these challenging conditions, we would still succeed in fulfilling the needs of this particular demographic,” he recounts.  

Intentional communication 

These age restricted communities have been a key focus at Kept Classic over the years, giving the company a distinct competitive edge. “As we strive to make our work in active adult communities our bread and butter, we continuously improve to become the preferred partner for building homes in such communities. We have developed our processes and fostered a company culture that is very conducive to the active adult buyer. In line with this commitment, we offer unique advantages that not many other builders think of. For instance, we prioritize low-profile thresholds and zero-threshold entries into showers and front doors for ease of access. Kept Classic also goes the extra mile by incorporating additional blocking and reinforcing specific walls to accommodate future installation of guardrails, handrails, and other accessibility features, even if they are not immediately required. Furthermore, our team is well-versed in communicating clearly and effectively with our target demographic. With today’s technology and the countless possibilities it offers, I believe it is very easy for those people to feel a little lost and disconnected. Thus, we put an emphasis on intentional communication, streamlined selections, and expert guidance throughout the building process. From marketing and sales to our construction team, every employee at Kept Classic is naturally gifted at communicating and being transparent with the active adult buyer,” Shea proudly affirms. 

Custom cabinetry, quartz countertops, and stainless-steel appliancesLily Radigan, Sales and Marketing Assistant, explains how Kept Classic has adapted its marketing strategy to specifically cater to its demographic target. “We have a unique approach when it comes to engaging with active adults, as we don’t receive as much social media traction as one would expect. Hence, we have changed our approach to strategically reach potential clients on platforms they are familiar with, such as Facebook rather than Instagram. Moreover, we tailor our messaging to specifically address their preferences, ensuring we communicate in a way that resonates with their needs,” she informs.  

On the subject, Shea adds: “Sometimes, our target audience find themselves in a large house that they’ve owned for years, originally intended for raising a family for instance. However, as everyone moves out, these homes become too spacious and harder to navigate, especially if they feature multiple stories. To cater to this niche demographic, we utilize floor plans that grant enhanced accessibility and reduced maintenance. In addition, our approach entails handling all lawn care responsibilities, relieving customers of the burden of mowing the grass. We strive to get in the mind of that demographic to understand their requirements and desires, aiming to provide them with a lifestyle that is easier, slower, and quieter.”  

Client focused 

To illustrate the scale of Kept Classic’s work. Shea highlights projects the company is currently involved in. “Kept Classic purchased some property in South College Station for the development of Lakeside at Millican Reserve, the area’s first age-restricted active adult community. As we excitedly anticipate the start of construction, we are working with the master developer to finalize the necessary deliverables. In addition, we have another project underway in Fredericksburg Texas called the Alora Mae. This venture involves the construction of stand-alone condos spanning 900-to-1100 square feet. By offering this smaller square footage, we aim to provide affordable housing options for those who work in the area but previously couldn’t afford to live here, without compromising on the quality of materials and construction. While this project is more traditional than our usual active adult builds, it provides affordable housing, which this community is in dire need of,” he ends. 

By understanding each client’s unique story, Kept Classic crafts homes and communities that foster a thriving quality of life throughout all seasons.