Discover how Coats Homes pushes the boundaries of custom homebuilding 

Catering to the residents of Texas’ most exclusive neighborhoods, Coats Homes Ltd is a premier homebuilding company, operating since 2010. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Coats Homes offers its clients an unparalleled homebuilding experience through its full-service team, which boasts an impressive 200 years of collective industry expertise. Coats Homes takes pride in pushing the boundaries of design, craftsmanship, and quality, ensuring the uniqueness of each home it creates. Ben Coats, President, recounts the events that led to the creation of Coats Homes. 

“I’ve always been passionate about exceptional architecture and design, but I never envisioned myself as a home builder. I attended Southern Methodist University,White home with picket fence which didn’t offer any degrees related to construction or engineering. However, after several internships at hedge funds, I quickly realized that finance was not for me and that I was more drawn to real estate. While I loved witnessing the development of construction projects, I noticed that most of my graduating class peers were pursuing careers in commercial real estate, without much consideration for residential real estate. Therefore, I got a job as a broker at a renowned brokerage firm in Dallas, where I focused on working with home builders, helping them locate lots, sell spec homes, and connect with clients interested in custom builds. I fell in love with the process pretty quickly.  

Enhancing capabilities 

“Fast forward a couple of years, and that marked the beginning of Coats Homes as we know it today. Our company’s milestones can be broken down into five-year increments. In the initial five years, we primarily focused on constructing high-end spec homes. What set Coats Homes apart was our commitment to quality and design excellence despite our lack of an established brand. We were relatively unknown, and clients weren’t actively seeking us out for custom projects. Thus, we recognized the need to create a brand presence by constructing the coolest homes we possibly could. Unlike many speculative builders who cut corners by hiring mediocre architects and designers, we were committed to excellence from the start. While most spec builders opted for budget-friendly design solutions by hiring family members as their architects, we were willing to hire the best architects and interior designers in town to ensure that our homes surpassed the standard spec home. Our houses exuded the uniqueness typically associated with custom-built homes, despite being available for sale. In essence, the period from 2010-to-2015, marked the foundational years of building our brand. Around 2015, a significant shift occurred. After five years of constructing high-end spec homes and a few custom projects, our phones started ringing incessantly with inquiries for custom home builds in areas like Park Cities, Preston Hollow, and beyond. Thus, from 2015-to-2020, our focus shifted entirely to custom projects, internally building our processes and building our team along the way. Indeed, by recruiting top-tier professionals to join Coats Homes and investing in enhancing the capabilities of our workforce, our team grew from approximately 15 individuals to 30,” he elaborates.  

White bathroomCreative customization 

Boasting a vast portfolio of one-of-a-kind homes, Coats Homes’ inspiration and creativity seems to know no bounds. “Coats Homes is style agnostic, meaning we don’t adhere to one specific architectural style. Whether it’s classical, transitional, contemporary, or any other style, we strive to build homes that reflect our clients’ desires. If a client envisions a Cotswold English-style home that does not even look like a new house, we are fully onboard. Additionally, we match clients with team members who are passionate about the desired architectural style and who have the required background and experience. Our guiding principle is to avoid the ‘rinse and repeat’ approach. We don’t simply replicate trends from the internet or social media. Instead, we encourage our clients to create something uniquely tailored to their preferences, pushing the boundaries of customization. I believe that our creativity stems from our deep passion for designing and constructing homes that have never been built before,” explains Ben.  

High-profile projects 

Presently, Coats Homes is working on The Preserve, a very exciting project Ben discusses in more detail. “The Preserve is a unique gated and guarded community in Frisco, overlooking the Omni PGA and its new headquarters golf course, which boasts two championship courses scheduled to host numerous PGA majors. Coats Homes is one of only ten home builders chosen through a stringent selection process to be a part of this development. While most of our lots have already been sold due to the project’s popularity because of its prime location and stunning views of the course, we still have a handful of lots available that are exceptional opportunities for prospective custom home builders to explore,” he enlightens. 

Ben reveals how Coats Homes’ company culture enables it to deliver the best possible outcomes to customers. “Culture stands as our top priority because without a strong team culture, we cannot provide exceptional experiences to our clients. My aspiration is to pour love and care into our team, so much so that they, in turn, extend the same level of joy, care, and excellence to our clients,” he says. 

Under Ben’s visionary leadership, Coats Homes is poised to continue building extraordinary homes and make a lasting impact on the communities in which it operates.