Discover 84 Lumber’s inspiring journey, navigating unprecedented challenges to achieve unstoppable growth 

Under the visionary leadership of owner and CEO Maggie Hardy, 84 Lumber has recently been recognized on Newsweek’s coveted 2024 list of Most Trustworthy Companies in America. 84 Lumber stands unrivaled as the largest privately held supplier of building materials in the US. By providing an extensive range of top-quality materials, manufactured components, and industry-leading services for single and multifamily residences, as well as commercial establishments, the company has set the benchmark for excellence and trustworthiness in the industry. With an extensive network comprising over 320 facilities across 33 states, 84 Lumber is prepared to propel its growth to new heights.  

Last featured in Construction Today in 2021, 84 Lumber has since confidently overcome the difficulties caused by the pandemic. Maggie describes what the past three years have meant for the company. “The last time we spoke, we were tackling challenges head-on within our industry’s supply chain,” says Maggie. “With the invaluable help of our vendor relations, partners, and the dedication of our associates, we never lost sight of our objective to continue the expansion of 84 Lumber. On behalf of my entire team, I can confidently say that we take immense pride in our perseverance and how we have ultimately created countless opportunities for our associates along the way.”

Through thick and thin, 84 Lumber has consistently maintained the high quality of services for which it is renowned. Most interestingly, the company has emerged with greater abilities, facilitating its expansion into multifamily projects.  

“Initially, our core business was specifically centered around single-family housing. However, 84 Lumber has successfully leveraged its principles and operations from the single-family market and applied them to the multifamily sector, thereby providing our associates with a solid foundation and opportunities to expand their customer base into the same market,” explains Maggie. “As a result, our projects now encompass a wider range of structures, including apartment complexes with three-to-500 units, hotels spanning 100,000 square feet, and townhouses or condominium buildings for existing residential builders. At 84 Lumber, we are not afraid to tackle any challenges to meet any of our customers’ requirements.” Maggie emphasized.  

Expanding portfolio 

Since expanding into the multifamily sector, 84 Lumber has undertaken several state-of-the-art projects. Maggie provides a brief account of the company’s most memorable achievements.  

“One notable development that fills us with immense pride is the creation of 15 multifamily hubs strategically located in distinct markets across the US. From the east to west coasts, and from north to south, we are determined to continually increase our hub locations as our presence in the multifamily space grows. We have also recently undertaken several remarkable ventures, such as two monumental framing projects in Tallahassee and Gainesville, Florida as well as a large window installation in Knoxville, Tennessee,” she proudly states. 

Reflecting on the company’s journey within the multifamily market, Maggie explores how demand for such projects has evolved over time, and how 84 Lumber has expanded to keep pace with it.  

“While the demand may vary from year to year, the multifamily sector has always been somewhat dynamic, albeit more prominently in certain periods. When 84 Lumber was first established, the multifamily market was not at the forefront of our operations. Today, with the expansion of our installed sales services, component plants, and overall company growth, it has become a valuable addition to our portfolio of services. Serving as a perfect illustration of our efforts, one of the hubs we are most proud of is based in the Atlanta market. I am grateful for the key players in our team, such as Sales Manager, Mike McGraw, Commercial Operations Manager, Tommy Futral, and Senior Project Manager, David Starr. Their passion, dedication to never turning down a project, and willingness to continuously embrace new opportunities has enabled us to break the mold. I believe that this mindset is also highly appreciated by our customers and sets us apart in the industry. As we continue to expand with additional hubs in new markets, I anticipate an even brighter future for the company,” she enthuses.  

Growth trajectory 

Maggie also reveals her approach to leadership. “From my perspective, leadership is quite simple. It revolves around actively listening to our customers and associates, and subsequently gearing the business around their opinions and desires. Beyond that, at 84 Lumber, we strive to integrate their feedback with our core values, leveraging their insights from their everyday experiences in the field. My leadership style influences all 7500 associates at 84 Lumber. I genuinely believe that when a business is led from the ground up, it will naturally grow at the top,” says Maggie. 

As an extraordinarily successful woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry, Maggie sheds light on how 84 Lumber encourages women to enter the construction sector. “I believe that in any business, personal factors such as gender and race should not play a role in the hiring process. At 84 Lumber, anyone who is looking for an opportunity is welcome to join us and encouraged to work hard and achieve their dreams, regardless of their identity. In my opinion, this is how the entire world should function,” she expresses. 

Before concluding our interview, Maggie wants to specifically highlight a major investment set to propel 84 Lumber to even greater heights. “Back in 2014, we had a total of four component plants in operation. However, we have since made a significant investment into expanding our footprint, and by the end of 2024, we will have 21 component manufacturing plants spread across the US. These plants have become a pivotal resource for the company, working hand in hand with our 84 Lumber stores to provide our customers with the products they need, when they need them. By empowering us to offer more value-added services, our new plants will fuel the growth of our company and continue to create opportunities for our associates.” 

84 Lumber’s remarkable evolution is characterized by its ability to adapt to changing needs, while still upholding its core values. This has contributed to the company’s enduring legacy of excellence. With its expanded manufacturing capabilities, 84 Lumber is poised to broaden its horizons by empowering both internal teams and associated partners.