Craft, community and collaboration

When Brian Laubenthal and Brian Krob started Scottsdale Architecture firm ALINE Architecture Concepts, they did so with the intention of designing buildings around the principles of craft, community, and collaboration. ALINE strives to design buildings that seamlessly integrate into urban environments and build with sustainability in mind. The architecture firm perfectly encapsulated these goals with the construction of their mixed-use property Bidtracer. The three-floor residence, office space, and retail space represent the epitome of mix-used living by creating a luxury residence while also fulfilling a much-needed demand for commercial business space.

Small space promotes creative design choices
The Bidtracer property was designed with efficiency in mind. ALINE is proud it was able to fit such a unique building in such a small space. “I would say one of the biggest accomplishments we had with this property is how much we got out of a small site. The tiny lot meant we had to build as efficiently as we possibly could,” Krob said.

The team at ALINE were creative by maximizing to the code step-backs as a design tool resulting in more unique spaces. This method allowed ALINE to create spaces not normally seen in the middle of Scottsdale – Bidtracer features multiple patios on the east and west end of the property that perfectly capture light. The residence also features a pool on the top floor. In order to stay within city building codes, the property had to be built maximizing provisions of step backs and set backs. The third-floor residence was the main benefactor of these creative design choices, as the top floor of the property features amazing views.

The residence features three bedrooms, three bathrooms, an open concept kitchen and living/dining area that flank large patios.

“The living space and patio really give the property the feel of a three-bedroom home in suburbia despite the fact it is built in an urban area,” Krob said.

Patios on the east and west side of the building mean you can always host a meal with the sunrise or sunset.

The bedrooms are located on the south side of the property with each bedroom designed to allow a plethora of natural light. The master bathroom is designed with a sloped ceiling and skylights. All three bedrooms feature Juliet balconies. Bidtracer has a lot of luxury despite being on a small lot.

The residence is only one floor of Bidtracer. With an outdoor foyer at each level, an elevator goes down to both the second-floor office and the first-floor business space which helps bring together the property’s mixed-use appeal.

A modern office for a modern workspace
The appeal of Bidtracer is the ability for the community to get more from a building than one would from your typical commercial or residential project. The property allows the owner to take advantage of the live/work opportunity and focus on their business as well as live in a modern residence in an urban area. The top floor is a cozy home while the first and second floors give the impression of a west coast business HQ. The second floor features a large wide-open office space with full-height glass windows to allow for energy-efficient natural light. The second floor is a private office space for the owner’s business with a large glass conference room.

The first floor is a retail space that is leased out to a local interior design business. The retail has great detailing that really complements the mixed-use space. The first floor is the smallest space of the complex due to the covered parking located off the alley.

Another important aspect of Bidtracer and other mixed-use buildings is their ability to keep people in the community. Most people live in one community, then work in another, so after the workday is done they leave their work community to go to their residential community. Mixed-use buildings such as Bidtracer allow the community to thrive after the workday is over. Residents who live in mixed-use buildings have the opportunity to patronize the businesses and restaurants they live in and work around at any point during the day or night. Mixed-use buildings promote more frequent community involvement.

Sustainable architecture
ALINE Architecture Concepts strives to design buildings with the environment in mind. Bidtracer perfectly encapsulates this mindset. Mixed-use buildings such as Bidtracer uses fewer building materials by combining a residential and commercial space that would otherwise be built separately. The property also features high-efficiency LED lighting and smart technology such as high efficiency mechanical systems. Multiple avenues for natural light means little to no artificial light is needed during the day, which saves on energy needs. The air system is distributed through a series of small tubes throughout the building, which cools more efficiently in a tighter attic space. The property also features big overhangs and trellises that provide solar protection for the interior spaces and prevent heat gain.

Bidtracer is the perfect example of sustainable architecture that provides sleek and efficient design. The architecture firm builds around the concept of craft, community, and collaboration and the mixed-use property is a unique and modern living/works space that better connects residents and working professionals with their community

ALINE Architecture Concepts