Breath of fresh air

The survey found significant changes in participants’ perceptions and behaviors when presented with scientific findings around indoor air quality’s impact on short term and long-term health issues. Post-survey one in four homeowners showed increased interest to invest in IAQ solutions, and the likelihood for building professionals to recommend IAQ technologies to homeowners increased to 62 percent, up from 49 percent.

“Many people are not aware that indoor air can be five times more polluted than outdoor, which could lead to serious and life-threatening health risks,” said Kevin Smith, General Manager of Life & Device Solutions Division and Visual Solutions, Panasonic Canada. “Educating homeowners and builders on the importance of IAQ and solutions for filtration, ventilation, purification and management of indoor air is essential for maintaining a healthy living environment. Our research found that conversations around IAQ are vital between homeowners and homebuilders, to drive healthier living and a change in the industry.”