Architectural wonders: how Pacwest Builders pushes boundaries in custom home design 

Building a custom home can be an overwhelmingly daunting task. To alleviate the stress, Pacwest Builders LLC (Pacwest) has assembled some of Central Oregon’s top industry professionals to ensure a seamless process. From conception to the completion of their custom homes, remodels, or commercial projects, clients can rely on Pacwest’s team to guide them and assist in making informed decisions throughout every stage. With in-house architectural design, interior design, and project management, the company guarantees that every project will be completed within budget and as planned. Pacwest not only helps clients create their dream homes but also provides excellent customer service, promptly addressing any warranty issues. Jim Yozamp, Owner, recounts the milestones that have led the business to where it is today. 

Awbrey Butte - Starview“My wife, Kristy, and I began our careers as custom spec builders in the 1990s, with me responsible for designing the floor plans and elevations. Since then, we have achieved many milestones, one of which was when a client approached me to design and build their home in Sunriver. Subsequently, one of my designs was recognized as the Best in Show on the Tour of Homes, marking another significant moment in Pacwest’s history. This recognition led to a fruitful partnership with Steve VanSant, who was hailed as one of the best designers in our market. Steve had been working independently for 20 years before we joined forces and established a design and build firm. By 2006, Steve began taking on less work as he was headed towards retirement, which prompted us to hire Architect and Owner, Spencer Williams, as well as Blair Davis, who specializes in design. Embracing the design-build business model has been especially important to us, ensuring consistency in our finished products and branding,” he begins. 

On that note, Spencer reflects on Pacwest’s win of the 2022 Excellence Award for Architect of the Year. “Winning this award meant a lot to us, particularly because it was bestowed upon us by our peers and others in the industry. Throughout the years, we have received many accolades for the homes we have showcased on the Central Oregon Builders Association Tour of Homes. While the styles of these homes have evolved over time, we have consistently maintained a high level of quality in design, construction, interior finish, and landscaping, which the judges seemed to appreciate,” he enlightens. 

Tye Farnsworth, General Manager and Owner, gives greater insights into Pacwest’s range of services. “At Pacwest, we provide a comprehensive and full-service package to our clients. We accompany them through every step of the process, from the initial design phase to the build and interior design, and even assist during the landscaping phase. Our team values this approach as it contributes to a smoother and stress-free building process. Moreover, we stand firmly behind our product, which means that if any issues arise after the home is built, we are readily available to resolve them,” he affirms.  

Design driven  

To illustrate the scope of Pacwest’s capabilities, Spencer sheds light on the projects of which the company is most proud. “Whilst we are currently engaged in several complicated projects, one in particular stands out. This endeavor encompasses a ten-acre site, offering breathtaking mountain views to the west and featuring significant elevation changes with rock outcroppings throughout. The project includes the main house, a pool house with a helicopter and boat bay, tennis courts, a utility shed, and extensive landscaping boasting a series of small waterfalls and rapids that culminate in a pond beside a massive fire pit and flagstone patio. Furthermore, the mountain modern design incorporates unique elements such as cold-rolled steel trim surrounding all interior doors and windows instead of classic wood or sheetrock wraps. To achieve this, we will employ finish carpenters equipped with plasma cutters, grinders, and chop saws rather than their usual set of tools. Additionally, the home features floor to ceiling glazing throughout, bi-folding corner doors, as well as floating tread steel stairs requiring substantial custom fabrication and coordination to be integrated into the construction. Striving for perfection, the architect collaborated with the structural engineer to ensure that every detail not only worked structurally but also aligned with the desired aesthetic. The logistical challenges of managing such a large and intricate job far exceed those typically encountered in single-family residential projects. Thus, having the right team is critical,” he informs.  

Custom construction 

Now turning to ongoing projects, Spencer discusses the one he finds most exciting. “We are currently finalizing the preliminary design of a home located at Brasada Ranch. This will be our first design there since the opening of the Eastside Highlands, a new area that departs from the traditional western ranch architecture prevalent throughout the development. Instead, the Eastside Highlands embraces and encourages mountain modern architecture. Leaning toward the mid-century modern aspect of this style, our design is characterized by long, low slope shed roofs, floor to ceiling glass, and a harmonious mixture of wood, steel, glass, and stone. To complement these features, the home will offer stunning cascade views from its public spaces, outdoor living spaces, and primary suite. Pacwest’s thoughtful design takes into consideration the natural topography of the lot, following the contours of the land and allowing the home to gracefully descend the lot while ensuring that all the essential daily spaces for the owners are easily accessible on the main floor,” he adds. 

By pioneering innovative designs and stress-free processes, Pacwest is raising the bar for custom construction in Central Oregon.