After successfully overcoming the challenges of the pandemic, Henry Development LLC looks forward to another busy year in the thriving construction industry


Recognized as one of Colorado’s top home builders, Henry Development LLC (Henry Development) has been in the business of helping people build their dream home for over 20 years. The company specializes in ground up construction, large scale additions and remodels and is known for its quality construction, architectural beauty and innovative concepts and styles. Years of experience and professional expertise has helped the company to secure projects in some of Denver’s most prestigious neighborhoods, maintaining a commitment to setting the highest quality standards and providing an exceptional customer experience.

Henry Development’s five-step process ensures the smooth progression of its projects, supporting customers from start to finish. The first step consists of gathering information about the customer and their goals, which becomes a key starting point to work from. Following this, an in-depth review of the customer’s final plans will be carried out to ensure a mutual understanding has been reached for the full scope of the project before work begins. This involves establishing a clear course of action, which reflects the expectations of the client, ensuring that every detail of the project has been identified and implemented. During construction, the company utilizes its deep variety of resources, close relationships with suppliers and highly skilled tradespeople, all overseen by an experienced project manager, to ensure high expectations are always met.

Building relationships
Once construction is complete, the company carries out a final inspection, working with the customer to identify any details which require additional attention. According to Company Owner, John B. Henry: “The job is only complete once the customer is happy with every aspect of the work and we try to remain flexible in making reasonable adjustments to accommodate changes throughout the construction process so that this can be achieved.” The final step consists of obtaining customer feedback that helps the company to identify its accomplishments and cultivate a mindset of continuous improvement.

Henry Development utilizes a state-of-the-art construction software platform, which enables customers to digitally track the progress of their project. This facilitates on-going communication with customers, providing them with a range of useful resources including progress photos, to-do lists and financial updates. This has improved the efficiency of communicating with clients and demonstrates the value the company places on building trust through transparency, encouraging open access to information and active participation in the decision-making process.

The company further differentiates itself from competitors through its extensive industry expertise, employing a team of professionals with more than 50 years of combined experience in building homes. The team works closely with reputable architects and designers and has spent the last five to 15 years building relationships with a preferred list of vendors, suppliers and contractors, all of which share the same vision of delivering blue ribbon quality homes. As one of the company’s General Contractors, John B. Henry also plays an important role in attracting customers to the business. As he explains: “What separates us from our competitors is my presence both in the office and on the job site.” He continues: “We have clients that have hired us because of my industry background and the fact that I am willing to get directly involved with the work that we do, rather than just sitting in the office behind the scenes.”

Moving forward
The company culture centers itself around strong teamwork and communication, which extends to each individual at the company, as well as the subcontractors working on the job. Everyone must play their part in moving each project along which often requires tapping into each other’s expertise and offering support wherever possible. As a member of the National Association of Homebuilders, the company utilizes every opportunity to educate its staff and customers, always looking for new ways to improve the business. One such example of this is the company’s commitment to educating itself on sustainability and making its operations more environmentally friendly.

One of the biggest challenges that the company has faced in recent years has been the impact of the pandemic on the construction industry as a whole. During this time, Henry Development faced issues with its supply chains for specific products, cost increases for customers and adapting schedules to try to reduce the number of people attending the job site at the same time. Despite this, Henry Development has successfully come out the other side and is thriving in the current market, with 2022 being the company’s most successful year during its 22 years of being in business.

The company now looks ahead to an exciting and busy schedule for next year as the construction industry begins to move forward again at pace. With an almost 100 percent full schedule, 2023 looks set to be another successful year for Henry Development.